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    Default Keeping the tension flowing for longer periods through chat - Advice needed

    Hey guys

    This is a bit of a different scenario than usual. A little indroduction is probably good though.

    I'm a bit of an old timer in this stuff. I was lethal back in the day around 10 years ago. Of course things were a lot more underground then that is was today. After a very large amount of canned lines, conversation topics from books and a whole lot of crash and burnes I became really good. When The Game became extremely popular along with Mystery's TV shows you would see guys running around in sombreros with nail polish and eyeliners crashing every line in the book, since the key of the game is adaptability I changed my focus to inner game mostly. I am pretty well read on this stuff but the game has changed enormously with the online presence being huge these days.

    The story is as follows:

    I went abroad last year for a vacation and met a couple of girls. One which I kept talking to afterwards and she is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks. The girl obviously likes me otherwise she would not be travelling to a different continent to meet up and we've had sex so it's not about build up to that.

    Since I'm fairly new to online game after spending years of developing posture, body language, voice tonality and so forth I'm having a hard time keeping the Tension going for a longer period of time, i see that there is a bit of an increase in shit tests, nothing serious though, there are also a lot more ioi's and she keeps sending me dirty pics.

    Now I don't want to jerk off on Skype or create long cybersex conversations about my stallion thrusting her volcanic mountain vulva and all that shit but I want to keep some tension going every once in a while.

    How do you guys do it?
    Do you push/pull? Keep up sexual tension for one day, pull back a little for a day or two?
    Do you just tone down the conversations and keep them good while you are at it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Keeping the tension flowing for longer periods through chat - Advice ne

    I say a mix of everything you just said. She's coming to see you so now all you have to do is keep creating that sexual Tension that you've been doing . don't think its in the bag now that she's coming. It could all mess up at anytime but since it hasn't that means you're doing great. Lol don't do the whole Skype sex thing. Just entice her mind tease her. Seduce her.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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