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    Default Should I use this response?

    Me: I turned 21 in June, I have a feeling that all birthdays after your 21st just aren't the same. I know most girls want some cool 'playa' but when I was raised, I was taught you make a women feel special by being the sweet funny idiot that I am. If I treated you to a beautiful day out to do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?

    Her: Oh my. Lol. Im a simple girl really. A nice lunch in downtown Nashville and a drink. Strictly professional of course.

    I'm thinking of replying this:

    While that sounds pleasant and relaxing, I'm still a huge dork/kid and I love to ride go-karts & play laser tag. Unless your afraid you can't keep up Does 'professional' mean I can focus on having a good time and not worry about you trying to kiss me?


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    Default Re: Should I use this response?

    Yo mscar111,
    Imma go out on a limb here and say this is a "textversation" which I highly advise AGAINST. Don't get all cute over text, bruv. It subcommunicates that you have too much time on your hands.
    You want to keep your texts as short as possible.
    Try to fit everything you have to say in 7 words or less. Just trust me man.

    Full honesty? That reply is trash.

    Just pull the trigger:
    "OK, tomorrow 7:43, The Cafe, Bring ur best slacks"
    "Nope, lazer tag, tomorrow 8:02, bring ur battle gear"
    That's it.
    She wants a man to be dominant and make decisions, not dance around the point with all these witty lines.
    The time to be witty and clever is when you're in person, because that can't be faked.
    Anyone can be witty over text.

    I can tell the game is strong with you.
    Now go forth and conquer, young pimp.

    Hope that helps!
    Jake Berreth
    Check out my dating blog:
    Need 1 on 1 Private Coaching?
    PM me for details

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