HB10 from the Strip Club, the one I said I had the best date of my life with. I was being honest and open about having the time of my life. Speaking my mind. Played ALL my cards right. Successful date, followed up in 3 days. Waiting another week to plan my next move by not over-messaging. Not getting jealous with other guys hitting on her or her talking to them. Facebook wall getting blown up by other guys wanting to marry her and I just let her be while running my game. So everything is going perfectly and then tonight!! Gasp!

The Mom got on and starts validating the Sh!t out of me. Saying "I'm the one for her daughter" holy crap this is going really well!! She wanted me to confess my love for her daughter! My goodness and her daughter saying I better man up. Holy cow one date and I am Prince Freaking Charming. I am seeing where the heck this goes!! Perfect target, Perfect Date, doesn't get much better than that!!

Going down in the record books!