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    Default Read this if your FAT!!!

    So I wasn't getting any results on pof, I couldn't even get my foot in the door. I'd be two sentences into a convo and then never hear from the girl again.

    I think I'm a handsome guy, but I'm fat! I've been told it doesn't matter, that I should still be able to get the girls I want, but I always thought it was holding me back. So I made a fake pof profile to see if I wasn't getting girls because I was fat or because I was just bad at pick up.

    Turns out. I don't get girls because I'm fat. My phone has been blowing up all day, I've never gotten this kind of attention! I'm saying the most crazy stuff that I never thought would work, but they love it! All because these sweet, intense words are coming from a slim guy!

    I just wanted to make a post telling all the fat guys, you gotta lose weight, it's 100x easier to get women into bed when your slim.

    The only thing that sucks is I've already had multiple HB 8-9s that have asked ME if we can meet up and hang out, but I can't because it's fake.

    With this information, and actually seeing it with my own eyes. I've decided to change my life and lose weight, it's the only way I'll get HB10s on a regular basis, and it's the only way for you if your fat.

    Happy hunting.

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    Default Re: Read this if your FAT!!!

    You dont need to be too much slim man
    I dont have abs, so what :P
    Its bad maybe, but i like gyros and beer more and dont worry about it

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