first date I watched some movie with a catholic chick at my place took her back to my bedroom gave her a massage and then played question game. we started making out and i took off her shirt and then she had on an undershirt n bra which she told me she was not going to take off so i had to use ninja bra unstrapping tactics just to start playin with her titties when we were makin out.
like an hour deep of this session i start moving my fingers to bingo and she takes them back. so I keep making out with her and go back realllyyyy slowwwwwllyyyy(she wont let me unbutton her tight jeans so i i just creeping in) and i get past like an inch and a half of pube stubble before she decides to pull my hand back. i do this a couple more times even though like most of my finger is down her pants she stops me and im like to finger bang is not a sin shes like im not like that. So is their any game that can counter a jew carpenter on a cross or at least a good type of gum/breath mint/ something that makes making out with her more bearable cuz i tried some organic mint shit and not digging it at all