Cinderella Syndrome: Meets me and says "I'm a Princess!" Me: �� Time for another Mr Perfect Marathon. Breaks up with me and says "That was the last straw now I'm a whore!!" Me: �� why does love strike with arrows of such distaste? My luck is terrible!

That's what I get for picking up a 10! Anyways turns out the ten wanted me to be her man but was being a total b!tch about it. Said "NOW" she has qoute "no fvcks left" thanks to me "will hookup with guys till the end of time." "Never love again" blah blah blah. Given all this validation then spirals the fvck out of control. Why not be a whore with me? I asked her out after our first date 3 times and then even tried to pull day of.

Anyways breakup karma is pretty fvcking cool. If I was on a level before now I am freaking superman. My workouts I feel invincible, my feelings towards women impenetrable, my emotions volatile. Totally having angry sex with the next chick I meet. Luck happens in the oddest places. My paradoxical ex-gf who said I was Romeo and ignored me like Pinocchio. Suddenly turns gutter churle thirsty upon realizing said vision to break up with me.

Well breakup karma is a b!tch. Now my game is on Fire ignited with a vengeance! Got on okcupid and girl sends me her number whom I did not initiate. Girls liking every comment on facebook today. I am going to destroy it next time I go out. And I am so angry I have only one Gameplan Pull & Fvck