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    Default Sample Game: The most aggressive I have been

    I found a chat that has stood out notoriously in my mind ever since. This was in 2013, back when I was in college, when I was ripping it up on campus. I had sex with the targets friend a month ago and they were friends. I made it clear I didn't like her friend and I was flirting with her since then. Then one night...I took it to the next level. I keep looking back at this conversation and always remind myself, anything is possible.

    • Hey

    • MR. Ahook


    • TIFFWhat's up

    • MR. AWhat you up to?

    • TIFFNothing

    • MR. AWhere are you?

    • TIFFToshas dorm

    • MR. AYou think about what I said?

    • TIFFNo

    • MR. ALol. Okay then

    • TIFFWhat lol

    • MR. AI wanted you to come over


    • TIFFI couldn't come over i had to get ready for practice

    • MR. AAnd tonight?

    • TIFFI cant lol

    • MR. AWhy is that

    • TIFFIts a far walk

    • MR. AOh please take a shuttle

    • TIFFNope

    • MR. ALame. Well if you care to join me for some fun. Let me know

    • TIFFI cant just leave here besides are you drunk?

    • MR. ANah. I'm pretty good

    • TIFFYou sure lol. I'm not drunk at all

    • MR. AI'm not..

      What you want me to do..

      Say I am lol, weirdo

    • TIFFIdk

    • MR. AWell I am not drunk...

      I am pretty good

    • TIFFLol i cant just go there

    • MR. AAnd what's the reason

    • TIFFBecause how is tosha going to act or say if i say I'm going to his house

    • MR. AMan. We aren't together

    • TIFFSooo lol

    • MR. ASo, what the hell does she care

      In my opinion

    • TIFFBut she's my friend

    • MR. AAh well. I mean I told her

      I ain't that type of guy. But I like sex

    • TIFFWait what did you tell her

    • MR. AThat I wanted to sleep with you..because you are Spanish

    • TIFFOhh lol

      But it would make me a horrible friend

    • MR. Awhy, we aren't even ex'a

      If she has a crush. Well she knows how I am

    • TIFFYeah but that's the thing if she likes you and you guys hooked up i cant just be like im going the guys house for which you have a thing for or whatever

    • MR. ALol. Well if she likes me..I. Can't say I like her

      So I told her that

      We aren't going any further than that

    • TIFFBut still it doesn't seem right if she knows I'm going to your place

    • MR. ASay you aren't... I won't say anything. I'm just saying that I am chilling

    • TIFFLol

    • MR. ASomething to think about

    • TIFFBut that involves me going out into the cold weather then getting into a cold car

    • MR. AWant me to come get you?

      Balls in your court

    • TIFFNo and what

    • MR. AOkay then..

    • TIFFUghh lol

    • MR. AI'm not forcing

      Like I said if you want it. We can make it happen

    • TIFFMake it happen?

    • MR. AYou coming here dummy. But whatever I will find someone else

      If you aren't down no worries

    • TIFFDon't call me funn


    • MR. AOkay

    • TIFFLol that's what I thought

    • MR. AWhat are you gonna do about it


    • TIFFGive me like 15 mins were watching videos

    • MR. AOmgwd lol

    • What

    • MR. ANothing ok.

    • Ok lol

    • MR. A 15 mins...really..

    • TIFFHold on lol

    • TIFFI'm coming come out in the back

    • MR. Awhere are you right now?

    • TIFFPulling in

    • Mr. AOkay.

    • TIFFWhat door

    • Mr: Athe back.

    • TIFF
      There's so many doors lol

      Hurry im cold

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    Default Re: Sample Game: The most aggressive I have been

    Oh wow ! She was really into you !!!

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