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    Default How should I respond to her text?

    Today, a girl friend of mine texted me first and I've been crushing on her. She said "Thank you for calling [we'll just call him Insincere] out on that today".

    Basically how the situation went was that this was during our break in between classes. A mutual acquaintance of ours, Insincere, brings a negative vibe when he jokes about other cultures and anything of the like. He is middle-eastern and started spatting out racial slurs about Asians (which is what I am). He thinks his jokes are good and funny but really they're not like negs. They get pretty overtly offensive and obscene. He usually does that and also is pretty insincere towards my girl friend. We usually hang out with other classmates during this period in the break lobby as well (He's been doing this since the semester began apparently. I don't know because I just started talking to this girl last week).
    He interrupted my conversation with my lady friend as I was about to neg on her strawberry blonde hair.
    What happened afterwards was that I told him "You're racist as shit." (in a direct manner with a degree of tactful bearing so that it wouldn't break down into a hostile situation all the while retaining my smile) and that he'll eventually reach the wrong person who won't appreciate his racially slurred jokes and will probably pop him real good in the face one day.
    He responds back to me by asking if I'm that kind of guy and I told him "no" because I'm not dumb enough to stoop down to a violent level. They also know I'm a U.S. Marine (I'm not implying that this title is of in any way shape or form part of my own intrinsic worth but rather me saying I do know how to make a person sing to me 'uncle').

    Right now, I'm just at a lost of how to reply back to her. Any tips?

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    Default Re: How should I respond to her text?

    It's ok... as long as you pay me 10 dollars... "

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