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    Default How to pour gas on the flame!

    Hey everyone, so here's the back story, let's just call her "girl".

    Girl used to be good friends with an ex girlfriend of mine from approx 6 years ago. Now they don't talk, they don't really get along and they aren't even Facebook friends. I randomly started talking to Girl again like last year sometime when I found her on POF. We talked a little bit and she had told me that she always thought I was cute and wondered what it would be like to hook up. Then she ended up with a bf before I sealed the deal lol.

    Recently we had been texting back and forth after I commented on one of her pictures stating that she was very photogenic and it wasn't fair. We joked around over text about it and she then told me that she would like to get together and just catch up, that being said she already knows that we both have always wanted to hook up. I told her to let me know when she was free and we could go for a drink.

    thursday night of last week she texted me asking if I would like to come over. I went over to her place about 10pm as soon as I sat on her couch she cuddle right up to me. We talked and cuddled for a bit and then I said to her "see I thought you said you were shy?" (This is the first time we have seen each other in about 6-7years.) she turned to me and said the same thing, I turned to her and said "if i was shy would i do this?" And i went for it and kissed her and she loved it.

    long story short, she goes to her room and comes back out a min later and says "are you coming?" I didn't say no haha, so we are making out on her bed, then we start playing a game seeing who is the better teaser, and not too soon after that started we are both naked pleasing each other. We never actually had sex, as she didn't want to go that far the first time we are seeing each other. It's now 1:30am and we both have to be up at like 6:30/7am so we both got dressed while still making out and grabbing at each other.

    standing by her front door I pick her up by her ass and start kissing her again and she's got her legs and arms wrapped around me. I put her back down and said good night.

    the next day I thought I would wait at least till I was off work to text her just saying "hope you were able to make it through the day, sorry if I kept you up to late lol" but before i could do that she started texting me about 11am! She told me she had a great time I told her I had a great time too and that if she was interested I would love to take her out or even grab some take out and bring it back to her place for a night in. She said she would love that and let me know.

    we talked a little more about random things and then she was going out with her friends and I have not heard from her since about 4pm Thursday. I'm sure she's just been busy with her kids and seeing friends.

    I dont want want to bug her or push things, I just want the flame to grow bigger where she's like chasing after me and wanting to see me.

    Any suggestions on how to pour a little gas on the flame? Like I said she wants to see me and we had a great time lol I'm just eager to see her again I can't stop thinking about her but I don't want to push! I was going to wait till tomorrow sometime during work and then message her saying something like "hey hope your having better day then me, I'm so bored at work did you get out and enjoy the sunshine on the weekend?"

    what do you think?

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    Default Re: How to pour gas on the flame!

    Start reading Tmals posts at the top of the page about texting do's and dont's and learn about sexual innuendo. Then start using it.

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