Not too long ago I wrote a dark ass f$$$ post about Ego & Pain and how I qoute couldn't do this anymore. In a nutshell it was basically me stating I mastered the game. Mastered the approached. Can date 10's, can close for numbers, can get girlfriends. But that wasn't the problem I stated. My ego and breakups were the problem.

Well my story has changed partly after finding the right woman and partly after telling myself it was okay.

So to recap this is year 5. It was about approaching, getting numbers, dates, and girlfriends for the first 5 years. I started to trail off so mostly I had 10's approaching me last year. I stopped pursuing (mainly because I didn't need to at the time) and started getting pursued this year.

It was time for the real deal. So it was relationship after relationship this year and regrettably heartbreak after heartbreak.

It was mainly after getting with my ex-gf's friend (who approached me on FB on St Paddy's) when I was qoute stating to her I was "thirsty AF and looking for a cool ass chick" she hijacked my thread and started blowing me up.

So I thought she was interested. This was relationship #2 of the year (after the HB10 this past Valentine's)

So it was a strong fire we were both saying what we wanted and what we liked in a partner. We made out hardcore. Had 3 dates back to back. And have history since she is apart of my ex-gf's circle.

So anyway things were going well and then suddenly she started to bail. I got extremely upset and called her on it stating she was "blowing me" she said no she just needed till Summer.

So anyway I dumbed it down to I am in a on-and-off again relationship.

Which was a Pick Up Artist means I truly don't consider myself with a woman until she puts out or is putting out. Because she was playing games obv I am going to keep on playing the numbers.

But less frequently since I know the heartbreak it caused.

So either way I thought I wouldn't love any girl after this.

But I met someone today on IG through Tinder who pretty much we hit it off. I commented on her stuff, she messaged me, then asked me out to now she says we are dating.

So while my flaky gf is in Florida goofing off in Harry Potter ville ignoring me because "she is too busy" I am out meeting other chicks and falling in love.

Which the new chick qoute "threw it all out there" she said "you are not just getting laid here" "i'm playing for keeps" so that really sunk my heart and we really connected. So I figured that was the right medicine.

Anyway I was just being myself and being as blunt as I wanted and she was eating it up. All my pre-conceived notions proving true. I've met a new woman and I thought my ego wouldn't let this happen.

I told her it was time to get serious. She was like let the game of chess begin. I was like now you're talking. And she was like 1/2 of my ego and half of my curiousity but you always get the better of me. I was like I could chase your tail all day. She was like I would let you. I was like finally a woman who understands me.

She was like you operate with no filter and some girls see this as you being a jerk because they are weaker babes but the other ones they are fun but you lose interest am I right? I was like are you right? I think you hit a home run.

I think she really liked that well it was a long ass 5 hour convo from nothing into something and turned into her "well I'm game let's have a drink sometime" I was like I would say no to you I am free on Saturdays and Sundays.

Isn't that how it is done?

She hit me up first in my IG inbox
She asked me out
So here we are. She initiated and she closed me.

She responded right away.
She didn't play games because I wasn't playing games.

But we were both bantering back and forth about how the game is played using chess, home runs, and fire as metaphors. Anyway she said if we lit a fire it might be hard to put out.

I decided after the B.S. with Harry Potter GF standing me up for "being busy with friends" I wanted a woman who was very accommodating.

So what do I find? A woman who was very accommodating from the beginning!! We'll see where it goes but I told her I am going to have my way with her and there will be a fair share of grabbing going on when we go out.

We have a date set up
She says she is playing for "keeps"
She hit me up
She closed me

Just the way I like it!!

I'll be back to report on the date if it goes down