I just have this HB10 on fb, i build reports, i was funny, she liked it, she give me ioi's.
She is like super fine girl, like non fuckable, need to ask parents for sex permision type of girl.

I know she just want to protect herself, i invited her: Hey lets eat strawberries next week in my town (she lives 60km from me and like strawberies)
She responded: i just eated it, few hours earlier
I said: K
she: ?
i send some fb sticker
she: "yes"
i said: you dont know english little buddy
she said: little yes

SHe is also told me earlier like: i am giving number only to my boyfriend.
i am just confused here, i have luck of text games and using some routines which i get from some admin, and it works very good, but this point, i just cant and dont know to pass this shit test.
I know she want really hard to protect herself, also she is poor girl... idk maybe luck of funds or fear of disappointment by her.
I just think i builded enough reports for trust to call her out.