If you guys are getting tired of these let me know ;O

Probably HB 8-9. She was very attractive.

I went on a few dates with her. Very tough egg to crack. She was a mom and going to school for nursing, eventually she fizzled out from the stress. It wasn't me, it was her priorities. I was okay with that, we will meet again someday. I have a feeling, and if we don't. It was good practice.

Me: My mom warned me about girls like you

Her: And what kind of girl would that be

Me: The kind that will break my heart. So I told her that I am a grown man that can make his own decisions. Then she went back to the kitchen and made me some enchiladas.

Her: Why such assumption not very nice lol, and I'm guessing your Mexican then ? I actually think we went to _____ together years ago.

SO YEAH WE WENT TO SCHOOL TOGETHER. I had a small rep on campus. Bonus points for me by being an active as a PUA. Hard work pays off eh

So we engaged in some Fluff talk. I didn't want to be interviewed so I cut that shit out. We talked about what we did for a living and she was talking about nursing.

Me: Lmao. You're a weirdo. Pretty girl that likes gross things ? Wow. The answer is no

Her: I am pretty weird actually i've accepted that and I mean the body can do amazing things so I guess gross things intrigue me. As far as nursing stuff lol. Not random gross shit, I am not that weird.

Me: haha ok good. If we were in person I would have been backing away very slowly. Butt everyone has their own thing right. At least you got personality.

Her: lmao yeah right. So why didn't you like the psychology thing....

Me: You interviewing me quite a bit...

Her: Oh ok. And maybe. Just making sure ur no creep standard precautions lol

Me: I think that's suppose to be me Mrs. I loveeee gross things . Lets take this to text so we can continue small talk without killing my battery

Her: caught me, i'm the ultimate creep 8080823023