Hey everyone,

I live in a South American country and literally EVERYONE here uses WhatsApp. I have been here a year and a half and not once have I used regular texting to talk to someone (other than family a few times).

The problem with this is that WhatsApp likes to let people know when you're online, when you were last online, and if your message has been read. Well, if I want I can turn off it showing last online and read receipts, but it will always show if I am online (if someone is looking).

I would think it's a no-brainer to turn those off, but almost NOBODY here does it. Recently I am talking to a girl who does it, so it made me question if I should.

What do you guys think? Might a girl be less interested if I turn it off, or can you think of any other downsides?

Also, does anyone have any other ideas on what to change from regular texting to texting on WhatsApp?