I've developed my own pandora's box system and I am really excited to start trying it out. Still working out the Vampire Effect and so forth.

I have some really weird look. Anyway I went from a flirtationship from a Stripper to a cop. One extreme to the other.

The stripper said she wanted to see me again but she ditched out on me once so I left it because I don't take fondly to ditching.

Anyway about the cop so yeah she is the first I started using it on. For starters I don't ask them out I make them chase now mainly because I am sick of the ditching and the minute they start ditching dates you know they won't stop. So my short term solution is making them chase. Not asking them on dates. Focusing on the flirtationship not the dating aspect.

Anyways going well with the cop. She is very beautiful and I didn't friend request her I just sent her a message and we've been talking ever since.

But the way she is responding is pretty amusing totally playing MY frame. She is high class game "my favorite" good career, educated, hot, fit, owns a house, etc. I love women this accomplished because I never accomplished much in life the one thing I have going for me is I got game. I target this specific type of woman.

Anyway so girls are pretty fed up with guys trying to hookup with them IMO so you gotta woo then nowadays and give them the relationship if you want to hop in the sack IMO and my experience. Women won't let me slide casual dating anymore. Anyway being authentic but yeah I just teased her sexually without really really saying anything about sex.

I teased her about sausage if she ever gets hungry I'll buy her some and she said okay. Then I said well I can feed you chocolate strawberries and you would like the taste of them. Oh wood you she says I think on purpose saying would later. Anyway just goes to show you gotta just go through the motions also playing it super slow. Had too many quick burn outs so I give myself a day to respond. So far it is money. Hopefully will find out more in the days to come and come back with a good updated report. If not I'll keep working on improving Pandora's Box it is gonna be legendary when I figure it a out.