where i am at with this one is that she put it there that i come and see her tomorrow. she is leaving the door quite open...

whether i bounce her from her workplace where she told me to see her; that is wait for her to finish her shift or whatever and then bounce her to the next location (sex or comfort building)... or i can try and build a time bridge?

i am not convinced of my own naturalness in arranging to meet her at another time and place. i can always get emails, and often numbers, and sometimes Kino or a kiss.... but to try and give plausability to wanting to meet her at another time and place is something that catches in my throat. i can talk and flirt and LJBF and move out of ljbf back into tension but trying to plan something takes me out of it. i need to rehearse it more, like rehearsing a date and having several dates i do perhaps???

to bounce her out i often get blown off or we have to go through some induction into her life or something and I am saying sweetheart i am just a friend. if you think you are going to go to bed with me.... yeah there are some major things i am missing in the communication with these girls

sounds like i got buyers remorse, or i am telling her that she should

to get prepared for something that i know could go alright, i am over reading books or bits of advice. i have all the tools i will need, i just have to do it. i have taken the plate and struck out heaps of times. always i improved. i kept fronting and swinging... i just havent cracked one over the fence solo since i gave up the grog. if this one gets a bit better but no cigar too then thats ok but does anyone have a mantra or prayer or some sort of charm that will help me nail that home run??

ps i did find today that with a new other one and a past that i ran into that making direct eye contact as if to say I am Man, got the message back to the babes