Hey guys,

So need some advice on an "after the first date" situation... the AFC in me I am trying to exorcize out is still haunting me, just to a much smaller degree. LOL.
Met at a restaurant at 12:30 for a lunch date Saturday, lots of conversation, got her laughing and had fun, etc. We ended up hanging out for 4 hours, and agreed to meet this week or weekend. She was direct about how open her week was for her.

Now, there had been one time prior to meeting where she stopped talking, and used the old "Did you get kidnapped by aliens?" spiel via text, and she came back a while later and apologized about neglecting the text. So this has happened before, might be a flaky mind but she is a smart girl, so I may not be creating enough attraction. This is what I am digging into research wise now.

So, I sent a text yesterday morning (Sun) saying I had a great time at lunch, and hope she has fun today (with a friend she was supporting that day going through a bad breakup who has a kid, she is working with how to have fun with small kids.. LOL). Had not received a response all last night or today, and I know she is a nine to fiver.

My plan is to send a text this evening after she has been of work for a while, and kind of go in this direction.

ME: Hey, did you get kidnapped by aliens again, or was it pirates this time? :P. Will Tuesday or Thursday work best for you this week?

Now, I have read enough on this site that I should use some follow up first before getting the second date, but we have kind of already agreed we want to see each other again, so since she has stated she wants someone who takes the lead, I thought I would just go for the jugular?

As always, appreciate straight honesty and advice. Thanks.