Hi guys,

I work as a consultant and travel much around at different customer sites. At one place I met this girl and found her interesting. I don't directly have any work relations with her, so I didn't have the possibility to talk too much with her (only two lunches with her colleagues).

I will not be coming back there, so I added her on Instagram later that day, she accepted pretty fast and added me back.
I was thinking about send her an opener, then get to know her by asking questions about her (about 5-10 messages) before mentioning a meet-up.

After about a day after I sent her a message where some thing like this:

ME: Hi Bonus points for taking picture and running (comment on a marathon picture). What's your best time?

Her: Thx for bonus points! Hehe. My best time is blabla so I'm very optimistic about the future. You?

Me (replied after 3 hours on friday): Hehe, no best time her yet. Maybe I'll run a maraton next year. I mostly run for training my condition for skiing. Do you ski?

She hasn't replied after 3 days. She also has uploaded a new picture on insta yesterday.

How long should I wait before I send her a text?
And what should I write?

I was thinking about switching over to SMS, yay or nay? If so, how would I do that?