...So I'm not a big fan of online dating at all, but here is some advice I can give based on my recent experience.

1) Use a copy and paste opener
No matter how much time you spent writing a message, there is a low chance that a girl will reply; so why waste all that time on one particular girl? I've noticed my buddy that is decent looking and has success with online dating sends simple messages such as " How are you ( username)?

Surprisingly, this works pretty well to generate a response, " stressing balancing life and school, but great overall, what about you?" At this point, you can open her up and tell her more about yourself to keep the convo going.

The two openers that work well are, " How are you ( username)? or How is it going ( username)"?

2) Your initial replies to her statements must be long paragraphs.
During this early phase you are trying to build rapport, so one sentence answers along with a million questions will cause her to get bored and flake.

Obviously, mention her interests and how you relate to them.

You have to keep this part of long paragraph responses up in the early phase, until you both enter into a rapid message mode. At this point, you have her hooked and you can slow down or end the conversation whenever you want, and when you want to re-open her the next day--she will reply!

3) Self summary/ About Me:

This section along with photos are extremely important; as a girl will look and read your profile before deciding to respond.

A problem most guys have here, is that they get really insecure/nervous that if they reveal their personality it will turn the girl off.

Well actually the opposite is true; While I wouldn't recommend being a 100% comedian, you should show some sense of humor, sarcasm, wittiness, playfulness, boldness, etc.

Your about me should prove you aren't afraid to take risk, in order to get a reply.

Go into depth about who you are, your personality, ideology, way of life, culture, what is important to you etc...but don't brag obviously.

4) Profile pics
Your main should be a clear headshot of your teeth smiling, your others should be of social activities you have in your spare time.

So I have a date with an HB9 using this advice next week, I will keep you guys updated.