I'm texting with this woman who's in my town 1-4 times a month for a few days during each trip. I have other lady options, so I'm not focusing on her, but she is a smokeshow and I wanna bag her badly. The thing is, I feel like I can't run my usual text game, which goes something like 2-4 witty/cocky/funny text messages every 2-5 days until we can set an actual date to meet. Usually I can get a date set with a chick within two message "sessions", or about 6-10 messages sent from me.

How should I alter this general approach I have? Should I only message her when she's in town, or when she's about to be in town? I have her instagram, which she uses quite prolifically, so I will know when she's here. Or maybe I should only hit her up after 7-10 days have passed.

I feel like if I run the usual game, let's say she doesn't come into town for another month, so then I'll have sent a shit ton of texts over the course of 30 days. This large amount of texting would probably eventually either bore her or come off as needy. Then again, if I only message her when she's here (like potentially only once a month), she might get bored, lose spark of interest in me, she might think that I'm ignoring her, or that I'm a "fuckboi" who's not that interested in her. The latter (infrequent texting when she's actually in the area) sounds like the better option, but I don't know.

Ideally, her and I will be fwb when she's in town. I'm not gaming her to get myself into a long distance relationship - those are awful.