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Thread: My Nurse!

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    richter13 Guest

    Default My Nurse!

    So i am currently doing ongoing kidney dialysis until i recieve a transplant, heres the deal i find myself crushing large on this cutie pie nurse but i guess i am lacking certain ways to get her to notice me cause whenever i see her she is working and probably preoccupied with that! How can i get her to maybe see me as not so much a patient and peak a little interest in her? Any help with this woould be great guys! Richter13

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    Default Re: My Nurse!

    seperate yourself from usual patient talk and try to appeal to her not as a patient but as a person...there was a post on here about how to hit on strippers. you should take the same idea to this. it will be hard cause you are a patient and she needs to stay professional but its not impossible

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    richter13 Guest

    Default Re: My Nurse!

    I should probably explain that i am a patient but i am not hospitalized or anything of that sort, i have a completely normal life other then i have to visit dialysis unit 4 hrs at a time 3 days a week. Essentially its like we work together part I have nt had the chance to ask the questions i want because i m afraid of crossing that professional line and i agree it might be difficult because of that reason,but am trying to steer clear of the negative thoughts and ride the positive ones that i get from her in the little time i ve known her. 4 hs is ample time to talk about other things other then patient/nurse relations and am slowly feeling my way around to see what i can get away with, i dont wanna come off as the creepy guy nor do i not wanna be aggresivve enough either. I think though however i m gonna need a somewhat tactical approach on this one. Thanks for the advice crobinson! Cheers


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