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    Question Salvage? Give a former AFC some help with this...

    Just recently got into this PUA thing...tell me some angles to work this and if you think is salvageable...

    at chick A's going away party at a bar.. random chick B is constantly asking me personal questions plenty of ioi's. My buddy opens my eyes to this i begin zeroing in. I get to that point where im sure shes locked. (although looking back i never started keno. i did however kiss close and keno chick a in front of her which only seemed to increase her interest in me) Then later on she lets out to my friend that her BF is expecting her home soon. She never showed IOD's at all just said she had a man. I still felt like i had an opportunity. But i was honeslty disgusted at her ebhavior having some really bad relationships myself. I froze her out hard and didnt reel he rback in. depsite this she told me to contact her on FB cause the phonme was a no-go with her BF in the pic. I didnt end it on a good note with her but still feel i can close her. its been 2 weeks....think i can pull it back in through FB? i dont know crap about online game so gimme your suggestions.

    i did the following which after discovering PUA i see were mistakes:

    never started keno
    bought her drinks
    showed her that hearing she had a man disgusted me
    turned too much attention to her after feeling i had it locked.


    second part (chick a)
    chick a moved, different state now. the more i played chick b the more she keno'd me and got jealous. she even said at one point "am i cock blocking you?" i just laughed... another time "do you think she pretty? me:yes chick a:"why do you want her when you got a pretty girl right next to you?" me:sarcastic look on my face with smile. no verbal repsonse" she seemed frustrated but still didnt loose interest. i wanna persue this through FB as its the only way. i get around so visiting he ris no issue just need to set it up. workable? how?
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