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Thread: Temperament

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    mingyang Guest

    Default Temperament

    Iím just not an outside girl. Amanda loves her air-conditioning, refrigerator and pajamas. Iíve never been camping, skiing, or a big fan of going to the lake. Sweating makes my hair buy My Christian Louboutin Shoes.untill i seen the Christian Louboutin.i feel i want to change.

    And anyone that knows anything about movie fashion knows that Hitchcock pulled out all the stops, famed costume designer Edith Head worked on many of his movies, includingdressing the impeccable, elegant, classic Grace Kelly for her turn in Rear window, one of the most fashionable movies of all time.

    It is a wonderful coincidence that this movie is on today, because when I recently saw the Christian Louboutin Satin Dorsays Black Sandals, I couldnít help but think of the iconic black-and Ėwhite emsemnle that Kelly wears in the film, with and enormous, tea-length white tulle skirt acceted with a bit of black beading, a fitted black top, a simple a pear choker and white gloves, she was the chic picture of modern elegance, and Iíd dress us as her for every Halloween if I thought anyone would get the reference. No wonder the woman married a prince.

    The christian louboutin shoes are sensual, glamorous, and not for the faint of heart Ė in fact, theyíre only for the type of woman with enough nerve to wear enormous white tulle skirts and pull them off. With a 5 inch stiletto, oversized bow (that somehow manages to be both chic AND large, something that few bows accomplish), and trademark red sole, these black satin beauties stand in a league of their own, just like Grace Kelly.

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: Temperament

    wow. this is the strangest versed wh0re-bot I have ever encountered. any chance it signed itself up and was unaware of the topics whatesoever.?? I'm getting this wierd "screamers" vibe from it.

    .. though I do dig a chick i nthe third person.. makes it easier to talk about amanda in negative light without saying "you."


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