i got attacked by the aggressive and posessive AFC bf of some chick i was just chatting up on fb. the bloke was making a fool of himself and getting angry with blokes who she met randomly and she likes talking to new blokes for the sake of it.

her boy that she was trying to sort things out with started sending me private messages attacking me and getting a bit threatening. it was very funny cos i could see that this dude was not very subtle about showing that he can't handle things about himself or her.

i ended up saying dude i think the best thing we can do is if i delete your girl and you can sort out your issues. funny thing was once i did that he must have been happy as he has his princess back. as much as he hated me he didnt want to fight with me, he just wanted his chick back and he was very agro about it. probably a ritual they both play a part in.

she was a struggling model and he is just your average aussie bogan constuction worker making big money from corrupt building moguls / underworld figures.

it was a bit of adventure for the arvo as i was leaving some space with someone i actually know, and i sought some other game near and far to try some stuff. i havent processed this experience but it is the second time in a week i have pushed things a bit on fb with randoms and finished in altercation with someone. very worthwhile exercises though.

i have learnt how to slide in to someone's zone and how to get people in rapport in that stage. still sorting out subsequents plays in the facebook thing but seducing from an armchair on a random is a real tough show. using fb as augmentation in the PU to the real time i spend with the babe.... well then fb is real handy.

a great simulator though and you can leave a little mess behind ok