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    Equivoque Guest

    Default Facebook Analysis Needed

    Long story short, met this chick Saturday night (HB8/9 for those interested) through a girl I already knew. Three of us had a pretty fun night, she added me Sunday, tagged me in a few pics, changed her pic to one of the three of us, said she had a great night blah blah.

    She pm'd me pretty quick after adding with some computer issue, which got us talking. I began ribbing on her a little, called her a bad influence, said it was her fault for us all feeling fragile today etc. She was giving some playful attitude back, so things were cool.

    Then I said 'you always this cheeky?' and I don't think she picked it up right (my fault if so) as she replied with 'lol im only playing. have a good night'.

    Been no contact since, she remained on Facebook last night after this interaction, posting other things, so it seems clear she ended it as she felt I was taking it seriously (which I wasn't).

    How do I continue from this? When is best to message her again and with what?
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    Equivoque Guest

    Default Re: Facebook Friend of Friend


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    MisterXanderson Guest

    Default Re: Facebook Friend of Friend

    Did u get her phone number that night? Text messaging at this point would be the best way to go.

    In any case you guys do run into each other again, offline or online. Never bring up the " How how come you never got back to me", Just be carefree " Hey how's it going?" then lead it up for a midweek coffee date, oppose to how most guys try to set a big date for the weekend.

    Also with friend of a friend situations, make sure the mutual friend doesn't know whats going on between you and her in these initial stages. Keep the business strictly between you and her, AND if this girl is cool she wouldn't bring your name up with the mutual friend either. That's why text messaging is just much more direct and intimate, no 3rd party interactions.

    Personally for me, FB is a whole different ambiguous ballgame if your looking to interact with woman on there, its almost like high school. So I stay out of that mess and make all the first moves and chasing woman through text game.

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    Equivoque Guest

    Default Re: Facebook Friend of Friend

    Thanks for the reply bro.

    I didn't get her number. The whole night was a bit crazy, we didn't have many proper conversations with eachother. It was mostly shots, taking stupid photos and the odd bit of dancing.

    I've recently picked up PM's with her on Facebook again tonight, which you can give the once over here if you wish:

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