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    Equivoque Guest

    Default Analysis of This Short Convo

    PM's on Facebook here.

    Girl I met through a friend (who is referred to as Girl2 in the following convo) at the weekend, she added me after our night out (mentioned in my other thread here).

    Tips on what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right, or how I should or could escalate would be great.

    I dunno if it's wise, but I've been using some rough guidelines from the text game for this, as it seemed kind of similar.


    So trouble maker, what mischief did you cause today?

    I finally had my KFC. Be jealous.

    ^^ Callback humour. As we planned to go on the way home on Sat but it was closed.


    None i was behavin myself today lol that Girl2 is a bad influence on me lol.How was [Name of shop popular with women] lol that store is quite annoying. I am not jealous as i dont like kfc r mcd's lol

    ^^ Her and Girl2 work together. The reference to the store is related to my status today which was suggesting never to go to that shop with a female, which she 'liked' when I posted it.


    [Name of shop] is awful. There's 3 or 4 floors as well, it's torture

    What's Girl2 been at now? I've seen her in action. Got me drunk at the prom, she'll deny that but it's true. All her doing!


    lol well just blame her on everything she wont mind lol. I was meant to go to sleep an hour ago and im still stuck to this grrrrrrrrrrrrr


    An hour ago? My grandparents stay up longer than you!

    We have a tent in our garden you can sleep in if it helps you stay off Facebook. You have to pay rent tho!


    lol ur so cheeky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It's my turn to be, you attacked my one grey hair!

    ^^Callback humour from when we were out.


    lol sorry


    It's alright, I'll just take a cool point off you.

    You have to win it back now


    i am v cool i dont needa win anything lol


    Lol behave!

    I've taken another one now. It's not looking good [referred to her by surname here]!


    mm no u have not but ur getting stranger by the minute lol oj

    ^Oj means 'only joking' for those that dont know


    Thought I was the cheeky one?

    That's it, we can't get along, we're both too cheeky.

    P.s It's your fault though!


    Wow thats it! find a new friend of a friend to point out ur one grey hair ? nt amused lol

    ^^ She had went off the computer to go to bed and sent this one from her phone


    You're definitely not staying in my tent now.

    I was even going to put my drum kit in it so you could pass the time. You lose!

    Anyway, it's my bedtime and well past yours. Goodnight!

    ^^ The drum kit was a bit of a tactical move. I noticed she had joined one of those Facebook pages that said musicians are much more attractive than normal people or something.


    Yea u better go to sleep dude,hope u get grey hair number 2 soon oldman lol.night

    ^^ Bit of an instant reply there, even though I took my time with the one before it, again from her phone.

    I havent replied and don't plan to, I thought since I said I was going I should stick to my guns and I could pick up on it tomorrow or another day.

    Thoughts guys?

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    SomeBoodee Guest

    Default Re: Analysis of This Short Convo

    You were fun and diffrent, except you got mean and that turned her off.

    You should do some hot n colds, and when you`re cold, do a hot, then do a cold. Not a cold-cold. They will feel like they aren`t good enough for you and they will back off.

    Give 3-4 days.

    Do something interesting with your life in the mean-while.

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    Equivoque Guest

    Default Re: Analysis of This Short Convo


    Where do you think it went too far?

    Making things hot is a bit of a sticking point of mine with people I haven't known that long/got considerable ioi's from already. Any suggestions on none threatening stuff to say to make it hotter?

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