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Thread: got interviewed

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    Default got interviewed

    i had arranged with waitress to go for a drink with her some time. i was about to leave the joint after lunch the other day and she said she was about to have lunch if i wanted to spend her break with her.

    i did so and she seemed to be interviewing me. i got talking and into mode putting myself across. she seemed impressed or i passed some test but our spark was gone. i no longer feel attracted to her. in fact i can't see any reason chasing her when i have better options

    what was she trying to do?

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    Default Re: got interviewed

    wow thats different. i have never had that. unless she knows game and decided to try to get to know you, but yeah idk. maybe it would be a fun challenge
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    more that she was european and quite savy. we aussies are cultural babies compared to the rest of the world. our chicks bang like dunny doors in the wind... but alot of em go for AFC metro's now and are just boring starfish.

    this chick shot me down in the end. she wanted the illusion and played games to see, i played a straight bat approach with her and i think she found aussie blokes too old fashioned and backward for her. she came to australia and did do as they do in rome and was naturally disappointed. if you want meat you dont go to the chemist would be something david deangelo might say. she should have gone to another country.

    unfortunately alot of our country is a culture of excessive drinking and ugly behaviour. in melbourne we have every country in the world represented so their is a bit of violence at times. alot of scene and cliques.

    she played me back this chick and she was about the last on my roster at the time. i enjoy aussie girls who are much hotter and enjoy a flirt whether we are seeing who qualifies with who for sex, or whether we are just having a good old fashioned flirt

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