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    Destiny Dave Guest

    Default how to get to younger women -

    I use - only site in my area with any action.
    I'm 49 & want to date 38-42 but the searches are set up by age & most all my age range list between 33-47 so they never see my profile. I get plenty of action from my profile with 47-53 & down to 39 but not enough in the younger range. The older ones seem too old to me when we meet- no matter how good they seem online.
    When I email to younger women I get no response- these are the same things that work when I am in their age range.
    How do I get through the age thing online?
    Do I bring it up in the email- never have before.
    Don't want to lie about my age but almost feel forced to - but I don't think I could change it now anyway - been on Match 5 mos- it would be too obvious.
    Thought of putting in lower age in box & addressing it in fun way in profile.
    Anything worked for any of you?

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: how to get to younger women -

    Two types of girls look for older men, Those who have daddy-issues, and gold diggers...

    (edited to add/qualify, that's for girls looking for guys 10+ years older.. most young girls do liek younger guys, but usually in a subtler range, 1-5 years, just maturity and successfullness that many guys in their late teens/early 20's don't have right away...)

    now, in the age range you're looking at, where they're well-into adulthood, that changes quite a bit, and is not as valid, but you have to have somethign they want that makes them want a guy who's 10 years older. Good job/ money/ lifestyle? Highly educated? Travel a lot? Lots of adventure and youthfullness in your life? sports/ working out/ going out, still enjoying life/ learning/ adventure?

    To be blunt a lot of women are looking at you as a 50 y/o man, and if you want late-30 y/o's you should be in that condition/ competition group. if you're looking for longterm relationships, but that is BASICALLY an interview, and women can screen hundreds a day so yours has to be the best profile, layout, most exciting, most intriguing, etc. One of these PUA Gurus has a 'pimping your profile' rundown .. I think maybe christian?.. I dunno, I know Bill Preston knows though, maybe some of the other mods?

    my assessment of the situation (completely amature) given my limited knowledge of the situation is that you might have better luck with women in this age group meeting in person in situations you can impress them with your youthfullness, either at the gym, or beach or sports leagues, or anywhere you can really shine at things you're good at.

    hope that was more help than hurt gl
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    Destiny Dave Guest

    Default Re: how to get to younger women -

    Thanks- that was very good help- no hurt here--anything it takes to get this.
    1- you are right in person is better for me- not only energy & appearance - I can work in I'm the same age as George Clooney, Barack Obama, Wayne Gretzky etc - since most women would date them & don't see them as 50/too old-- not sure how to work this in a profile or email. Any ideas out there?
    2- I need to think of my profile as step 2 - step 1 being the email to her-- this changes the way I set up my profile & I need to figure out my email approach letters. They seem good when I send them but fall on deaf ears or aren't so good after all.
    I really appreciate your time - Thank You again! DH

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: how to get to younger women -

    More mystery, less hsitory. your 'cold letters' should be short and sweet and not talk much about you. Comment on her profile, maybe a compliment or a question, and don't sign it. Putting your name at the bottom, or any"cant wait to hear from you/get to know you" makes it sound more formal and more sappy.

    "Hey, liked the pics on your profile, I love to travel but never been to _____. someday..."


    "Nice getup. looks like you were the star of the venue. I like to dress classy but, Damn."

    short and sweet. dont ask for anything, and don't request/expect response. most chicks will imiidiately check your profile, and then come to YOU. Also, about the guys you mentioned... if you can incorporate a picture of eitehr of them into your profile they will be subconciously tying you into that guy. A picture of clooney in one of his better movies, like oceans 11 (not my opinion, but some peoples) with something about the movie or that you liked it. A picture of bradpitt from fightclub with a short caption "One of my favorites." or "A cult classic" will tie you to that person... If you're fit you need pictures doing what you like, shirt off on the beach, bicycling, washing your pimp ride... you're not over the hill, but they need to know that.


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