Hey guys..

Just had a wake-up call.. What ever you guys do, do not act needy! Even if you are..

I've been trying this out for a while now, and it is paying of! Every time I text a girl I read it and analyze it. Do this sound like I need to kiss, hug, make out, fark, get a girlfriend and so on? If it does I try over.. and over, and over.. Until it looks like I don't need her, but I want her..

A simple thing I do is, when I take a girl home from a party.. I tell her, nothing has to happen.. the same as some people do, let's just go upstairs and you can tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story.. Which is fun as well..

David D has a awesome one, this is the one that actually opened my eyes just minutes ago:

I would rather cuddle all night than have sex with you right now.

Just did this one and the result?? (sadly it was only texting) a lovely pic of a half naked young girl AWESOME!!!

So basically what I want you guys to understand is this:

Needy guys get no quality girls.. We do!

Hope it helps out there..


Denmark 'till I die!! But the US is pretty cool as well