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    MisterXanderson Guest

    Default An FB FRIENDZONE REMOVAL technique

    Sometimes you don't always close her number IN PERSON, FB becomes a default way to acheive the number. I will go into my chat process next time, for now I will just bypass to the moves AFTER the close.

    This technique is for the ones who like to keep woman's interactions through Direct Game, face to face and text/phone game to avoid unnecessary complicated forms of internet communication.... but if you like interacting with woman on FB and like becoming part of their party clique friendzone, good for you.

    After she types in her number, say "cool I'll text you mine, see you later, have a nice one" Sign off after like 5min then text it to her like 30min later.
    You can send it through a Private Message.

    This communicates to her your exclusivity. Remember once you get the number, don't chase her on FB anymore. If she's chasing you on there, keep your responses minimal. It's about moving above the Heirarchy into the circuitry of your phone.

    This worked for me on three girls by the way, I'm aiming for a midweek coffee get together one at a time.

    Would like to hear feedback, What do you guys do?
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    Default Re: An FB FRIENDZONE REMOVAL technique

    going to try this and report back

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