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    Default Re: i'm stuck in a strange position.

    You need to approach a lot and get rejected a lot for you to be comfortable with different kinds of girls..and even it's not a set just a group of people. open'll be amazed how your social skills will improve in short time notice. and obviously if you really like her..make it that she'll gonna invest more time with you.not you doing the other way around.(remember you are the Alpha). and then reward her for that.. 1 step backward 2steps forward,.

    and i think when your going in for the kiss.she's not really comfortable or not that spiked up to feel that..just try to be yourself..and one thing..

    if you want to set up a date again.."you can use deathground strategy."

    Guy: hey! what's are you?
    Girl im fine.
    Guy: where you at right now.?
    Girl: (she'll say over my friends house, or at the grocery..)blah blah blah.)
    Guy: alright! cool nice timing.! i need to pick up some groceries as well. i'm kinda in a hurry. (false time contraint) (you just need to tell her that you'll just drop by..)
    care to meet.?.
    Girl: Sure..
    Guy: okey give me your exact location. i'll be there within 30mins. (just remember that that don't be too late for the meetup it might destroy your frame)

    key point here is.
    1: you ask how she is. (and she'll think you care about her.)
    2: Where are you right now.? (your asking for the know where she is..who's she with.)
    3: FTC. while you drive into the location of the meetup. you already formulating your plan what to do if she's surrounded with friends etc..

    Scene 2.
    If the girl says No: to your proposal. (it's still on your advantage. since your still at your house/work/office doing some stuff etc ..)

    hope it helps! high five!
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