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    yanivvv Guest

    Default need a help in progressing with that girl

    hello everybody,
    (excuse me about the"broken" english of mine...)
    my name is yaniv, i'm new to this site, i saw you have a vary supportive forum and i think i'm going to visit here frequently)

    i have seen a lovely girl in the facebook (she is vary hot) and i decided to be origin.. instead of sending her a friend request i send her a messge and the course of events is:

    me: [3.8, 20:52]gordges , is there a chance i have meet you in the ultrasound club last week

    she: [3.8, 20:56] sorry i'M from tel aviv

    ME:[4.8, 8:52] temporarily bummer that you dont leave in the northy north, (in hebrew it sound better...), how old are you? what are you doing in the summer?

    she: [9:15] I'm working like crazy and getting a tan hhh and what are you doing in the summer months?

    me: [9:49] working is vary gleam, but i didn't assume that somebody can gatting into madness from a little bit effort, if you need a help i can advice you :-)
    so i see that you too have an affinity to the cuddling of the worming sun, apparently that i'd have a reason from the begining to speak to you...
    I'M finishing the semester in 2 weeks (i learning electronic engineering)
    but most of all you are rude, you now it?!

    she: [10:31] rude????

    o.k what your opinion so far? how can i progress from here? SOMEBODY have an idea?
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    yanivvv Guest

    Default Re: need a help in progressing with that girl

    by the way i still didn't apply her a friendship request, all of the messages was written without been friends in the facebook

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    yanivvv Guest

    Default Re: need a help in progressing with that girl

    o.k i did progress a little bit more. (i remind you , i steal didn't friend request her ) i need you to help me decide when to apply her the friend request and which game (read till the and) should i offer her to play???

    me:[13:18] it feels a little bit uncomfortable to be a president of conventionality in a summer day like today while you getting tan and having fun..
    damn with it where did mister justice had gone?

    she: [14:23] i'M getting tan???? i'm in the office since 7:00 am and getting home just on 20:00 pm...
    mister justice again??? remind me???

    me:[17:53] hahaha always somebody getting screw. at least you aren't BEEN borring. i'm telling you, mister justice is a bad man.
    lats play a game..
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