I wrote Hey, tell me about the craziest thing you have done so far! to a girl I met online and she replied with "Crazy things we do or the crazy things people make us do... It all depends on the person you are doing it with, the place you are in and the circumstances... =)". How do you reply to such response when you are expecting the girl to play along with this and tell you the craziest thing she has done?

Another question is: At some point in our conversation, I brought up the topic of arts in a funny way and she said "Oh, I like arts too! =)" (which I perceived as an ioi) and she wrote me a paragraph full of artistic sentences explaining how art is a part of human life, how people misuse it and why most people are not into it, etc. I really liked the way she is talking about it because I am an arts person but I don't know whether to continue the discussion or it will make the convo boring and dull. Any suggestions?