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    Revolution_Zero Guest

    Default Re: How did I do ? Where did I screw up ?

    I think all techniques are extremely valuable, but if your mental attitude is off, your just be trying to hide yourself. you need to truly be confidant - as well as appealing it, for example. all of the techniques work, but almost anything can work if you are truly expressive of your self and understand her. i did not say be truly honest - as that is never productive in any situation, and flirting often is a metaphor for lying anyway! lol. Style (said that all his "scripts" were training wheels to allow him to develop his body language, focus, attitude, etc). i dont think ive been very clear, but what im saying is if you truly change yourself, using the techniques will simply advertise that.

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    Default Re: How did I do ? Where did I screw up ?

    prestige the perfect base to text game is solid game. If her impression of you was poor and uninteresting thats what you are going to get.

    Im surprised how some guys want to turn into the amazing guy when text gaming and what is going to happen when you get the date if the only thing you got was canned lines and none of the concepts were internalized? shes going to smell you from a mile away, shes going to believe you are scared and youve never had a beauty girl before. just like that. So beside wanting to become this amazing text gamer, try to become an amazing all around PUA. peace and out

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    Revolution_Zero Guest

    Default Re: How did I do ? Where did I screw up ?

    I think mine and prjav's msgs complement each other with a similar message... the both focus on changing you rather than hiding you.

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    Prestige Guest

    Default Re: How did I do ? Where did I screw up ?

    yeah thats a good point. How exactly tho thats the problem I just struggle as its so vague?

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