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Thread: best first message ever!!!

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    yeskahz Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    Ha I've used this only twice. And its been killer so far. Nice one.

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    zoolander Guest

    Default hmmmmm where you you experts go from here?

    hmm....were going south from the north pole down asia to the tip of the inidan sub Continent. as there are no roads. we will need several different vehicles to do this. and some good boots.
    were doing this because people dont. people go longitudinally down Africa or the Americas. so were being different. also, since you're my worst enemy, and i yours, it will give us a chance to size each other up. the best enemies were once best friends, that know each other deeply.

    Oct. 22, 2010 – 6:03am
    Haha okay roadtrip to NEW MEXICO! First off just because of the reason that all scary movies with roadtrips, where your car breaks down, and everyone has to run for their lives... ya that happens in guess where? NEW MEXICO! I think it would be a fun event, just to prove that it doesnt always happen that way.. and if it was to happen that way we would survive. Or since you are my arch enemy it would give me a chance to take you out right there! Plus i drove through New Mexico before and i actually loved it!
    Either that or Hawaii..Hidden spots that I know,sun, clubs, theme parks, water parks, and if you feel like divin a lil.. the beach for spear fishing. All the fun things to do and they could be accomplished in ONE weekend!
    I promise you i am not boring nor am i a crazy woman in disguise lol. and you would NEVER fall asleep hanging out with me.. and if you did be prepared to wake up with very lovely artwork drawn with permanent marker on your body haha
    By the way.. I'm J

    Oct. 22, 2010 – 5:43pm
    j im not totally sure im going to just lay there naked and asleep while some guy draws on me, and im not convinced that one can take a road trip to hawii.
    but it sounds neato!

    Oct. 27, 2010 – 3:09am
    haha hey crackerpants don't underestimate the sneakyness. BTW I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or M&M's?

    Oct. 27, 2010 – 12:16pm
    m&ms, with peanut butter.

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    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    damn. u worked that like a pro. i mean the message is a little long and all that. best thing is to be able to take that and shorten with still the same effect. but other tha that u worked it like i would have. now that u have set a playful tone and she is receptive to anything and everything ur saying, i would just go into building some rapport and comfort!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    I have just sent that message to around 10 girls on POF using I think it was Raven's Moustaches subject line. I'll let you guys know how things go

    p.s. Don't worry I'm in Scotland and I doubt that anyone on here is even close to me.

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    cherylfoster Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    It's really long . but so far, 9 / 10 girls will read it and everyone said wow thats great, or they will really start to play the role play . Its pretty impressive, I'm not going to lie. Now I will not take credit for it, I got it from a PUA in another state that uses it all the time. He has had enormous success with her online. Figured idea to share with my fellow countrymen here.

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    yeskahz Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    It also weeds out your boring/lazy ones. When you get a reply like "ha that was great whats your name". BORING!

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    I'm sure I've seen this subject line on here before. The 'Do you look good in an eyepatch?'. Possibly Raven's... Anyways that was just to clarify I'm not taking credit for it. But after saying that you can write something like (again I've not made this up either) This actually doesn't have anything to do with eyepatches. I just couldn't think of a good/funny/super cool (or an amazing line to woo you into bed, opinions on which you think is best?).

    But I've just sent of a few with the following add on. I mean it's not like I've anything against them. Just, I'm not really into that. Although based on your profile I've a gut feeling you might be! :P

    Or 'not that I've anything against pirates or that. I'm just not that into them. Although I think you look like you could have the bad girl pirate streak!!'

    In fact here is a copy of one of the messages. Subject: Do you look great in an eyepatch?

    This actually doesn't really have anything to do with eyepatches. I just couldn't think of anything good for a subject line. Not that I've anything against pirates or that. I'm just not that into them. Although based on your profile I think you might have that 'bad girl pirate' streak in you! haha :P

    If you became one, you could travel and see the world just like you say you want too! Plus, the jewelry I've plundered is pretty sweet.

    What do you guys think?
    Last edited by Martano; 01-11-2011 at 11:51 AM.

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    Martano Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    I've actually got a second question. Do you guys leave a kiss (or multiple xx's) in your first message.

    I have stopped doing it a while ago as I have been trying not to come across as AFC or telegraphing too much interest. If they comply and jump through my hoop (i.e. Responding, and responding well!!) then I reward that with a 'x' in my next message.


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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    That may work, and yes, I developed that line, actually, as my profile headline. ATM it's working pretty well, I just had an HB9 message me and flirt with me profusely by utilizing the whole pirate thing I have going on, but after 2 messages I stopped messaging her back because I have no time to date more women!

    I personally don't use x's or anything. I always give the girl the attitude of 'if you are cool I jut might kiss you.' Like, they kind of have to earn it.

    Also, I just wanted to share this line that worked real well for me lately:

    After a 2nd date, when I'm setting up a third, I text a girl jokingly: "We could go get real drunk then make out for 2 hours in the theatre. kidding! well maybe we can do the last part If the movie isn't boring ." Girls will find it hysterical, and as soon as you get into the movie they give you the 'make out with me look.' The line is a joke of course - the girls know I don't get drunk, I mention that when I meet them (although I like drinking).

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    Grifter's Avatar
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    Default Re: best first message ever!!!

    90% success rate? No way, but I did try it on POF. Out of 25 HB's, only one response which was a HB6 who was 20 and knew the message was "copy and paste" but liked it.

    I am also trying this on eharmony. Three girls responded, 2 were flattered but were on to the BS, however one totally took the bait.

    Her Response:

    I absolutely enjoyed your message, it's creative and way more fun. I am a real girl, real human, and a real breathing stressed college student. Lol

    As for this road trip, I would point us towards the east coast, somewhere north of Boston, then just head south, stopping in any city we wanted, visiting the sites, but never being too far from the ocean, when we hit Florida, head west to California, travel the coast up to Washington, then from there zig zag across the middle of the country stopping in all the fun major cities before getting back here. I pick this route because I think there are so many things in our country that go unseen, I also love the ocean, so traveling along it would be like a dream. The other reason is because there are so many things I want to do, and places I want to see, might as well do it all. So, I hope you have a lot of time for this road trip!

    Any specific places you would like to stop on our trip? I did give you almost the whole country to pick from...

    Today's random fact about me: if given the opportunity to ask the President one question it would be, can I play hide and seek in the White House!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

    This is great when this (90%) message actually works because it weeds out the chicks with dlv and that can't handle a message like this. This is the frame you are going to be working in so even a 1% return works right?

    My Response:

    I am glad you appreciate my sense of humor, although you have never met me (until the road trip) it is an extension of my personality that I try to articulate which can be difficult via social media outlets such as this one.

    Road trips are fun, the best one I have been on was a 15 state storm chase excursion in the Great Plains when I was a meteorology major back in the day. Honestly, the east coast trip wouldn't have been my first choice so you will have to convince me further on why we should make the investment? Being even more honest, almost at the point of pure bluntness there are a few places we would have to stop if your attempt to convince me was a successful one. We would head toward Detroit, not for the Motor City but to cross into Windsor to have some good times and partake in some of my many vices, hey no one is purfect right? Bring your passport we would continue east until we would get to Niagara Falls. I think you would acquiesce on that, so we would continue east until we arrived in Maine. I have a friend who lives there who is in my program so I am sure he would appreciate the company. Okay south to Boston where we would we would hopefully see a double header and some Big Papi dingers. We would definitely be seated right over the green monster.

    (Just a note I am a baseball purist, played for 15 years and it is my goal to visit every stadium in the country so we are making progress.)

    Ok south to NYC, the most romantic city in the world. I would want to visit Ellis Island and see where some of my Italian ancestors came in. I think thus far I am being a little bit bossy and pushy so I'll let you plan the rest of NYC if you can handle it.

    Southward to D.C. where we shall visit the Smithsonian and steal the original Declaration of Independence. If we get caught I am blaming you. A game of hide and seek with B'Rock sounds quite fun but I am sure his advisers only limit him to a certain amount of games per day so we'll have to get there early, plus I want to hoop with him after lunch. So, where would you hide? Just telling you that I have dibs under Lincoln's bed so don't hide there or tell him that I am hiding there, k?

    I feel that I am again imposing my will on you so you can give me the rest of our itinerary for any points south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I just hope for the success of our trip that you know how to have fun on South Beach.

    You were nice enough to give me a random fact so I will reciprocate.

    Tomorrow I am officially becoming "The Godfather" of my first nephew. Pics to come!

    Enjoy taking back Sunday.

    eHarmony is pretty good so far because all the girls are polite goal orientated and expect long messages, that is what they paid for right?

    Her Response:

    The east coast isn't typically the first choice for most people. However, it's one of my favorite places to travel to for several reason. The number one reason I love the east coast is the history it holds, everything from civil war battlefields, to museums to the historical cities that have helped to create our country. The second reason is I think it's absolutely beautiful, you get mountains and ocean without getting terribly hot in most places, the historical buildings in many cities, and the rich "culture" of the east coast. Not to mention, people watching.

    I love the itinerary to date. I also love baseball, and happen to be a Red Sox fan, so a double header in Boston is a dream come true.

    As for NYC, a couple things I would add, visiting the World Trade Center memorial, seeing a show on Broadway, and taking a stroll through the financial district. And as much as a trader as I would be, I'd go to Yankee Stadium as well as the Mets stadium

    In D.C. I would add Arlington, and the various war memorials. As for where I'm hiding... well that's a secret, I want to be the last one found! But you have my word, I won't steal your spot, or tell the President where you're hiding! We'd have to see where the Nationals play, and then we'd have to swing past Baltimore either before or after DC to see Camden Yards.

    Getting into Virginia, I love the Virginia Beach area, there are a lot of Civil War battlefields that are scattered around the area, along with spending some relaxing time on the beach.

    I don't really have anything specific in North or South Carolina that I want to see, Just enjoy the scenery and the way of life mostly. Then crossing into Georgia, the first place I'd stop is Savannah. There are some beautiful buildings and churches, as well as Civil Rights era history too. Montgomery would be my next stop, another city rich with Civil Rights history.

    After Georgia, we enter Florida... where I would want to spend a few days at the various Disney World parks.. I've never been to any of them. So they are all on my list!

    Any places so far that you'd like to add? I'll let you pick up in Florida and take us West to California!

    Congratulations on becoming a Godfather! That's extremely exciting news!!

    Today's random fact: In my opinion, the only good thing to eat on Sundays, is chocolate chip pancakes.

    Hope you had a relaxing Sunday!

    My Response:

    I had a great day! I am so happy for my nephew, brother, and my wonderful family. It is good to be back relaxing.

    I am adored by your love of history almost to the point of sickness. I consider myself to be a big history buff. I took AP history in high school and a few history classes in undergrad.

    You are so thoughtful the way you planned to go to Yankee Stadium (this must have been hard for you) as well as the other stadiums in the mid-Atlantic. You scored major points, however you MUST tell me where you are hiding in the White House as it is the final stipulation to get me to invest in this trip we are going on. Just a guess, are you going to hide where Monica did?!?!

    People watching eh? As you may (may not) have read in my profile, I observe, record, and react to people and their behaviors on a daily basis for a career choice. People in their natural setting are the best to watch. We will play a game. You will have to pick three gentlemen. One which you would not want to see in a dark alley, one that you think lives in his parent’s basement and is an “aspiring artist” and one you would put in your purse to bring back to (hometown) as a souvenir to do whatever you like with. To make the game as fair as possible, I will pick three ladies with the same requirements. To spice things up we will start the game on the jersey shore? Sound good?

    Nice job with New York and D.C. I would also like to visit Arlington because my Great Uncle is enshrined in the WWII memorial there.

    There are some battle fields in Maryland and Virginia I would like to visit including but not limited to: Antietam, Manassas (or Grand Junction depending on which side) and Appomattox Courthouse where General Lee surrendered to General Grant to end the Civil War.

    Ok skipping to Florida since you re-gifted it to me, I am happy to inform you that I have 2 passes to Disney World from a prior visit, so that’s a start. We will totally be busy and will need some relaxation time so we shall spend the day on Lake Okeechobee and I will fish for the biggest Large Mouth Bass in the world and you can get a nice tan and drink Bahama Mamas. Cool? After that get ready for some fist pumping, collar popping, booty shaking action! Why? Bienvenido a Miami! The place where Will Smith supposedly says, “the Heat is on,” so we shall see. Speaking of the Heat, I came to Miami for one reason and one reason only. We are going to f*** up LeBron’s ride and we are going to take our sweet time doing it. We will slash his tires, pour rocks and vinegar down his gas tank, and stick a sleeve of golf balls up his exhaust. Miami is pretty hot so I will be sure to bring some eggs and we will make omelets for breakfast as they fry on top of his car. Again, if we get caught your taking the rap because you the DSG = Designated Scapegoat, but don’t worry I have some black scuba gear that looks good so we can kill 2 birds with one stone.

    We will definitely go to South Beach and spend the rest of the afternoon there, a great place to people watch? What are you planning on wearing? I think we would look so hot if you wore a thong bikini and I rented a tuxedo. I have gone swimming in tuxedos before so it would bring up some good memories. I hear that Miami has some good nightlife so I will see that we enjoy it to the max, but not on my dime. I am not the type of guy to buy you drinks, however I will assist you (as well as myself) to get top shelf from all the rich old men who will probably notice us right away, hit on us, and make inappropriate advances but we will play the game to get the drinks.

    We will then go on a little side trip which will pertain to going to all the keys. I hear they have awesome souvenirs so we will have to stock up there to get them for all the jealous people back home that were not invited on our little trip. I love the Caribbean so we are going to have to take a boat to St. Croix and spend a nice relaxing day basking in each other’s awesomeness. After that our port of call will be the NOLA and this is where you get to plan from here on west. I would recommend storm chasing in Texas but it is your call (name)

    Random Fact of the Day: Aaron Rodgers is a total phony! Why? The championship belt he has is a fake and not authentic. Who has the real championship belt then? ::Raises Hand:: The real championship belt was made in 1998 and is hanging on my wall. In 1998 Aaron was a pimply faced teen in Mrs. Gumby’s Home Economics class. Another noteworthy blurb is that John Elway beat Brent Favre in Superbowl XXXII. I will show you the REAL championship belt if you comply with the White House Hide and Seek Stipulation, along with being dedicated to planning New Orleans I am sure you will agree.

    Her Response:

    I'm glad to hear you had a relaxing, family filled day =) Those are some of my favorite kinds of days.

    I've always been a fan of history, especially American history and politics, it's a passion I guess you could say. As for my hiding place in the White House, as cheesy as it may be, if it was possible, I'd hide under the desk in the Oval Office, like the famous JFK Jr. picture =) I love people watching, probably my favorite thing to pass time, especially in airports. I've never played the suggested game, but I'm in!

    It sounds like we had a great time in Florida and the Caribbean area. Nicely done =) So now that we're back in New Orleans, we're off again. I'd say we'd have to first take a trip to Bourbon Street, making sure to take in the what I'm sure is amazing jazz music, while eating a great home cooked meal at a small restaurant that's a local favorite. I'd also probably see if there is some kind of service project we could hop on for a few days to help out, I know things aren't to the formal glory, and I think helping to rebuild that amazing city would be worth a few days of time.

    After spending some time enjoying the richness of New Orleans, we'd head to the one and only Texas. I'm absolutely in for the storm chase. (And I'm extremely jealous of your 15 state chase.... Twister, best movie ever) I also believe there would be two baseball fields to visit, and as much as I dislike the Cowboys, I've heard that stadium is unbelievable. As well as of course visiting the Alamo- you can't go to Texas without seeing the Alamo. I've also heard Corpus Christi is a beautiful area, so that could always be added to the list.

    After Texas we hit New Mexico, there is an area in Northern NM, Taos, it's up in the mountains and absolutely beautiful. They're surrounded by a really rich Native American population which makes for fantastic shopping and sites to visit. Crossing from New Mexico into Arizona, we would absolutely be visiting the Grand Canyon, and even riding through/around/in it on horseback (as long as you aren't allergic or scared of them) Then visiting the Diamondbacks before crossing into San Diego, where I will let you plan the next leg of our trip.

    Haha I can't say I knew Aaron Rodgers was a phony, but I'm surely interested in seeing the real belt. =)

    Random fact number two today: I've found that watching Disney/Dreamworks (animated cute kid movies) make life a little bit better when you've had a bad day, especially the Ice Age movies.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    In conclusion, if the chick takes the bait run with it and have fun with it! You already have her attention and can get to know her at the same time while building attraction. That's my take, hope this helps.

    Last edited by Grifter; 03-06-2011 at 10:17 PM. Reason: Addendum

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