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    wordsworth Guest

    Default need a little help with a russian girl

    Some weeks ago I met this russian girl at holiday in the west. We only briefly met, but I could really feel she was into me. We quickly exchanged facebook and so on. Now we have been messaging back and forth a while (she is no longer here, but has gone back to Russia). I am planning to go to her city, st. petersburg, (to visit a friend, not her intitially), in one and a half months. When I told her I am going there she instantly told me that we gonna hook up over there, and that she's gonna take me out partying. Needless to say I was pretty sure she was interested. I told her she could take me partying, but that she then would have to show me where to best eat in st. petes. Everything seemed on. At a point she told me that she doesnt have a boyfriend and I jokingly told her that I also dont have a boyfriend (it usually works good with western girls). To this she didnt respond well, she just answered my other questions really shortly. This was yesterday. I wonder what my next step would be. I am thinking I went overboard with the teasing and whatnot, and maybe I should try going more direct, telling her I actually like her or something? She has told me that she will be the greatest guide when I come there. Maybe I could ask her jokingly what kind of girlfriend she'd make? Any opinions? Also, how long should I wait until writing her back?
    Thanks in advance for the help, guys

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    Prestige Guest

    Default Re: need a little help with a russian girl

    Are you sure she knows your not gay lol. Some european girls such as Germans have a poor sense of humor and she might have thought you weren't joking. Maybe shes just busy? just my 2 cents

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    wordsworth Guest

    Default Re: need a little help with a russian girl

    Actually, that's not bad thinking=) I ran into her at the facebook-chat today so I just chatted casually with her some ten minutes. She asked what was new in my life and I told her about my new job and that me and my gf recently broke up. She gave me a smiley in every second line she wrote. Think Im just gonna keep it friendly and casual and playful until we meet and then just run game on her and make her mine =) Thanks man

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    Default Re: need a little help with a russian girl

    Just remember to keep escalating. Doesn’t have to happen all at once. But if you let her get to comfortable you will just fall into the friends zone and never be able to get out. So push the interaction forward.

    Stay Alpha

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    wordsworth Guest

    Default Re: need a little help with a russian girl

    Thanks for the advice man. Do you have any idea at all how to escalate and keep it interesting via texting, facebook etc. I am running out of ideas nad things to write about and I dont wanna start writing about boring stuff.


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