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    thelonewolf Guest

    Default profile of a AFC

    okay this is what I have posted on pof. I crafted thinking this is what women look for, obviously that isn't the case. I need some insight on how to spruce this up.

    I'm a hard working person, and seem to be running 24/7 lately. I'm slowly finishing up a bachelor's degree in XXXXXXXX, I only have a few things left to do. I hope to finish up by the end of the year. I also have a XXXXXXXXXX business. It's not quite there yet, but I hope to not to have to go back to a "day job" anytime soon. I hated punching a timeclock on a daily basis.

    For fun I like to travel, mostly to upstate NY and Canada, I have a lot of friends up there. I played lacrosse the past 6-7 years and made many friendships though that. I also ride a motorcycle, I dream of of just hoping on it one day and just ride where the road takes me. Oh, did I mention I love to grill in the summertime, and not your usual burgers and hotdogs too.

    I try to go out to some of the local hotspots with a friend or two, I hate going to places alone. Lately I've been either going to an Irish pub down the road form me, or this great sushi bar in town(love the salmon rolls). I also have season tickets to one of the local sports teams, I usually have an extra ticket always invite friends to come along.

    As for who I'm looking for, that seems to be the million dollar question. Right now I'm just looking to meet new and interesting people and have some fun along the way. All I ask for is honesty, intelligence, and quick wit...and I'll admit I'm a sucker for brunette with a nice smile.

    I look forward to meeting you.

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    Default Re: profile of a AFC

    it seems like you are constantly looking for the approval. i have a business. haha thats like when AFC adam was giving a bootcamp and is talking about the three essentials to be better at picking up women.

    he was talking about confidence and then some guy was trying to hit on his girlfriend and he was like "hey is this a meeting?" she said no its a seminar for men to learn better to be with women and he replied "pssh. learn? you just need to be confident! oh btw i have a jaguar!" hahaha no your not trying to show off things that you think they might like. you need to have the confidence to tell them a little about yourself in a good way but also have enough security to tell a few bad things and laugh about it. like i always aclaim im pretty much a nerd/brain. cause im going to a very prestigous university. i never tell them im going there cause i dont want to seem arrogant or trying to one up or anything. when the conversation starts going and they possibly ask me if i go to school. i say yes, im going to school with a major in nerd! they usually laugh and ask why and i just say cause mines is pretty much going to put that on my degree. so just switch it up a little and try revising and then also dont try to seem too optomistic with the i look forward to meeting you. seems impatient and wierd!
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    Default Re: profile of a AFC

    Here is my POF profile:

    Wattup. I'm Mike

    Truck stop, lamp post, beer, tractor, avocado, Bellini, tree, duck, boat, orange juice, cocaine, pumpkin, glass, beef jerky, and envelopes.

    When life gives you lemons you tell it to f u c k off and go get you some gin and tonic to go with it.

    Basketball is the stupidest sport in general and extra boring on tv.

    Why is there 12 hot dogs and only 8 buns in a bag... seriously, someone please gimme the answer.

    If you can answer my riddle i may respond to you:

    Which word becomes shorter even if you add 2 more letters to it?

    Basically, my profile is like an opener. It can really say anything. The important part is the response I have toward people responding on my profile, which is minimal if any. Girls on POF are like cold approaches, like in the club scene, we as guys need to approach them. Some girls are responsive and others are not.

    Your profile shouldn't really say anything about you. It should rather make them ask questions or wonder about you.


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    Default Re: profile of a AFC

    wow, I got some great feedback form the email that
    went out the other day about Race's "What Happens
    In Vegas..." report.

    If you missed out on it, it's the story about how he
    started using facebook and MySpace to date all
    the dancers and cocktail girls in Vegas who would
    never have talked to him in real life.

    It's funny and it's definitely something you need
    to read if you haven't already, because it contains
    some huge insights into female psychology that
    a lot of the pickup community has missed:

    [What Happens In Vegas...]

    So I was asking him how it was going, and he said
    that the biggest complaints guys have about online
    dating is that it is either too much setup work, or that
    they've tried it and the desirable girls don't write them

    Well, he wants to dispel those myths, so he's just put
    together a video that will walk you through the process
    of creating a profile that will actually cause desirable
    girls to write to you.

    He'll show you how to do it on a site where you don't
    have to pay for a subscription, and the whole thing
    takes about twenty minutes.

    Cute Girls In 30 Minutes Or Less... Or They're Free

    It's step-by-step, dead easy, and as with everything
    that Race puts out, it's funny as hell. He even came
    up with the hilarious name you see here...

    Cute Girls In 30 Minutes Or Less... Or They're Free

    You can be up and running in 20-30 minutes from
    now, meeting girls online, and setting up dates for
    this weekend. Sound good? Thought so...

    catch you soon,
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    Default Re: profile of a AFC

    I was previously had a profile for POF and a lot of cons outweigh the pros in terms of meeting someone. Since the ratio of guys and girls are totally off, us guys can't sound too cliche. Women are constantly getting hit on and critique every single word on your profile including spelling and grammar. From what I recall from my profile, you want to try to sound interesting as possible and also reflect your humorous part of your personality. Some of things you listed are good but comes off like every other cliche profile I recall reading. I do have to agree with Mwood in terms of the cold approach, and not online your profile has to sound interesting but your message as well. I usually like to put some random subject line like cold pizza and ask them an off the wall question like:

    Who do you think will win in a fight, Screeh or Urkel?

    If they ever asked why cold pizza, well it's my breakfast champion which in turn becomes an ice breaker.

    This helps you out stand out a bit more rather than the simple "Hi, How are you?"

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