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    mel2012 Guest

    Default totally clueless texter

    I'm a new poster here and I need some serious help.
    I'm in highschool and never had a serious relationship. Theres this girl I like and she's pretty strange, but shes awesome. Shes been giving what I think are subtle hints shes interested in me, and I have her number but I don't know how to have a decent text conversation with her. Her responses are usually just "ha" "lol" "oic" or other things like that, and I don't know if im doing something wrong. Her past boyfriends said she was like that with them even when dating. She is really cool in person but Not the easiest to text to. How can I get her interested? How can I start a text convo without seeming clingy.

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    dalton749 Guest

    Default Re: totally clueless texter

    stop texting her u will seem needy but if u have to i guess keep it to questions so that she has to give a solid answer and keep the convo going..


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    Default Re: totally clueless texter

    lol ok come on. good text convos arent interviews man. you know that. ok well if she is weird but fun and cute, she definitely has a vivid imagination. start some roleplaying and stack those roleplays to different things. and then do other things where you just being silly. the idea behind great text game is being fun and different. four grade humor is the best in text game. i mean stuff so silly that when you ask her to hang out do something silly like back in middle school

    "hey do you want to come watch movies and share a bottle of wine?!? Check yes[ ] or Check no [ ]" that does great things.

    the best text game is the ones where she laughs and has fun texting you. you want her to think about you whenever her phone vibrates or rings. i have had girls tell me that stuff sometimes. its such a great ego boost!!
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