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Thread: How did i do?

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    Default How did i do?

    My first attempt at text game, i work with this girl, she went away over the weekend. didnt send her any txts while she was away..

    txted her after i got home from work today...

    Me: So today, i had the highlight of my season. You will never guess what Happened!
    Her: Do Tell!!
    Me: Guess! It was brown and Very smelly, made my day
    Her: I have nooo clue... hahaha
    Me: Its too good to txt! Tell you over a few drinks. 5:30 ill pick you up?
    Her: Sister and i are going out for dinner tonight together haha so it will have to be drinks tommorrow
    Me: Tommorrow it is then! have a good dinner, what do you think of marshmellows?

    I know i didnt do the time right (5:26 or somethin)
    Also agreed to soon to drinks? shoulda ran the topic a bit more before asking for drink?

    Im stuck on what my next msg should be? I was thinking somethin funny about her and her sister having dinner together? and when should i send it? if i do send it at all?

    Somehow i want to ask if shes heading out tonight...

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: How did i do?

    well at least she suggested drinks tomorrow. so you still have the attraction but how about you wait until a couple hours before drinks and say something silly to suggest something to do.

    "Hey silly pants, i had a friend asking if i wanted to go do ___, but i really dont want to. you should help me out. Would you like to do ___. Check yes [] or check yes []. haha what will you ever choose ?!? "

    then when she comes back being feisty trying to use a different option neg her but do it playfully will sexual undertones that can be noticed but dont make you seem like sex is the goal. and then if she complies, she will be more receptive to escalation while you guys hang out. since you guys will be drinking you can escalate under the radar pretty easy. but not bad, just keep it fun and pressure free.
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