I went out with two sisters who are my friends. I was the sober driver. The sister I had interest in and I built attraction all night holding hands as I moved her to different locations, dancing and eventually kissing.

The next day I saw them for lunch and I find out they both drank to blackout. The sister didn't remember our kissing! I made fun of her sister for all the dumb things she did drunk. Then as they dropped me off I asked the sis I kissed if she rembers what SHE did. She said no but was dying to find out I kept her in suspense said I'd tell her later.
I texted her later and told her that we flirted throughout the night and ended up kissing. I said I thought we were on the same page and felt like a creep now bc she was so drunk.
She said don't feel that way apologized to Me for being so wasted. I said don't be sorry it was kinda nice. Then I made a joke or two about the whole thing and busted her for being "so romantic"

I have plans to go out with the sisters this weekend but where do I go from here????