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    wickedak7 Guest

    Exclamation pick n what.

    here's the background story,

    about a week back i met this girl HB9 in a mall thru "a frn" who has crush on me .. (HB9 works in the mall.)
    so that day i offered both of them ride back to their place. I tried to talk to HB9 but my "frn" kept diverting her..

    Now today, i was at the same mall shopping alone,

    so met this HB9, called her over for a cup of coffee..she said was kinda busy, i negged n she agreed.
    talked for a while and then she went back to work. I asked her if she needed a ride, she agreed.

    on they way back we talked about music, food her job bla bla ....she was comfortable,
    what i didn knew during the whole the time the "frn" kept on callin her and HB9 didn pickup..unless "frn" called me up on my cell.

    now the messed up part
    after i dropped her n reached my place "frn" called me up and said "thanks a lot, bye"
    me "what.!!"
    frn "thanks for giving a ride to my cousin, i'll talk to u later, or maybe not"
    me "whats the problem" ( i know whats the problem, she was burning frm d inside)
    frn "nothing just some problem at college, neways thanks a lot..enjoy" (n hung up)

    now i knew that this "frn" was mad at me and her cousin(HB9),

    so this was something that could ruin everything..

    so i texted frn "your cousins cell was running low battery, thats why she didn pick any calls."

    and sent out a text to HB9
    "hey, your cousin was getting angry that you didn answer her calls, dont know whyi told her your cell was on low battery. maybe coz i don't wanna create any problem between you two guys. you can use the same excuse.."

    HB9 "thats really thoughtful of you..thanks"

    me "ur welcome, so u told me ur on FB, text me ur email id"

    but she didn reply

    but i think i gained rapport with HB9 by backing her up with the low batter thing..
    what do u think guys, does this make any sense at all..and what now..?
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