so just something quick cause its got me stuck. Ive been talking to this HB9 off of pof or Usually i just use this site for entertainment purposes, cause well, if youve met any of the females off of there, you can smell what Im steppin in lol. anyway when we first started talkin it was like a lot of texts back and forth, and she'd drunk dial me and crap on the weekends but then it just started slippin off. anyway I met her last week, she lives like 45 mins away and I don't go down to the city too often. Nothin weird about her, she actually seems a lot more just chill and down to earth in person, whereas with texts and stuff its just off and on. My main problem is usually I don't give a shit, like shes young and I get the game chicks play but everytime she texts me like, just randomly, this stuff just comes back you know and theres just somethin about her I can't shake. I probably need to just go sarge and keep talking to other gals, which I do to an extent but I just gotta get some advice on this cuz she just only seems to go away until she wants to come back again.