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    Default texting help. what to say and when to say it....

    Ok, lil help from the pros. lol So far, when it comes to expressing an attractive personality to a girl i like, ive been doin pretty good. Could be better but then again, i could be better at a lot of what to text after i get a number. Im pretty good at the cocky-funny-arrogant bit in person, and im still pretty good at it while im texting, but it feels like it comes to a point like theres not much else to text about and i start wondering what else to say. And i start to wonder how often i should text, whether i should try to hold a conversation through a text (which i have a habit of tryin to do), how long i should wait to text after i get a #, and how long i should wait from the time she texts me and when i text her back. I may be over thinking this, but i just cant help but think that theres something im not doing right, as many girls have drifted off after exchanging texts with me.

    So i guess what im asking is what are some good things to text to keep her attracted while at the same time making her want to text me back. Also, like i mentioned, how long to wait, and how often through out the day to text. Any help, input, and insight, and anything else i may be missin will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Prettyboy

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    jabu Guest

    Default Re: texting help. what to say and when to say it....

    My first impression is that you begin to over-think things after a while. And it might not just be you either, some girls I've found can be crap texters as they don't give much to go on despite your best efforts. But if you can figure out how she texts early that's a good help, as mirroring in length etc helps avoid seeming uninterested/too keen.

    First texts are the hardest I find...but it starts with what rapport you built up when you were talking in person. I like to put in a nickname for her from something that stands out when we met. For example in my other thread about texting I said 'hey there frizzy head' cus I negged her about her hair after s3x, and I got back 'hey there sexy' or something...i reminded her of a fun time we had together. So not only did it get the ball rolling with humour, but it got her thinking about a time we spent together. Texting that stuff gets you in her head, and is great for reminding her of sexy time you guys had lol.

    If you run out of things to say bein cocky and all that don't be weary of asking her about something. Not all girls like you to be the joker all the time. I can't remember were I read this, but I read something like - how can you expect a girl to take you seriously if you joke ALL the time. Think about what she said she enjoyed doing; hobbies, family stories, her own stories, holidays, there's usually alot to go on...if you can remember stuff lol. It'll show that you listen and are actually interested in her as a person...but still keep it lighthearted etc to show your fun side. I especially try to avoid getting into deep subjects over text...texting should always be fun (imo), serious subjects over texts get boring, it's just not something i dig.

    How long to wait before texting a girl after getting a number (and this is just from personal experience) doesn't really matter. I've text girls back over week after meeting and/or sleeping with them. I've text back the next day. Or a few days after. So long as you convey an interest and be fun in texts generally they'll get back to you. I try not to text too often unless doing short quick texts on a good subject. Normally wait about half an hour to an hour, but if they were texting me back within 5/15 mins I'd try and return texts within the half hour, cus they may get the impression I'm not interested. But, if texting like that I ALWAYS try and be the first to have to go, it shows you're not always available, and can build attraction especially of the texting was going well. Leaving a texting session just when it's getting god leaves her hanging wanting more. How long I wait until texting again can vary, depends if I can be bothered or not lol. Usually I leave it a day, two, three at most if I know the girl is into me. Mostly they text me first after a day or so anyway though.

    Hope this can be of some help to you man!

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