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    iHaveRLS Guest

    Question how do i text a girl i don't know?

    so there's this girl who is really attracted to me, but we've never even met. judging off her facebook pictures, she is fairly attractive as well. i think it'd seem a little awkward to just text her out of the blue like this, since we've never talked, but our mutual friends keep telling me to. so i will. what should i say to avoid awkwardness? and what should i use as my excuse be for texting her? thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: how do i text a girl i don't know?

    well you can think of it like an approach. you can be direct,indirect, opinionated, situational and everything in between. and as far as what to text just make it anything fun and that will lead for a good interaction. so just take a second and think of what you want to say and put it up here and we can help you. its better to improve what you want to say cause your congruency and flow will be much more effective
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    dinorod Guest

    Default Re: how do i text a girl i don't know?

    first how do you know she's really attracted to you when u have never met?
    if u talk on facebook abit, i would use some of the conversations u have with her on there and put them into a txt.
    use there words for your own gain.
    put some of the convo's you have with her up on here.
    Ive just done the same i txtd a girl who i never i did was txt her with a low crappy txt. like hey how r u, bla bla bla...but if uve spoke on facebook its will help u alot because you have spoke to her already.
    even tho i put a crappy txt, after that when i got a response i came on here, and i learnt a hell of alot bout fun txting.
    Metting up for a date put a weird time like 7:03pm
    tick yes [] or no [] when u ask her a question
    put fun in ya txt for her 2 play with then she wont see you as another normal guy.
    Post up stuff if youve bn talking to her on here, and we will help

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