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Thread: Moved back home

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    Default Moved back home

    I just had to move back in with my grandparents. I'm a full time student again. How do I explain this to girls I'm looking to date?
    Their house is kinda a "mansion" that's on a hill overlooking the ocean is the only bonus but I can't say that to a girl without sounding like a douchebag trying to impress. Could use some help as always lol.

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    Hellboy78 Guest

    Default Re: Moved back home

    Dude I'm in a similar situation, depending on the read I get from the girl depends on how I answer the " oh you live at home with your folks"
    if it's a girl that I'm just picking up for the night or just want to shag, I'll be like " yea I have a trip to ( insert place) coming up soon so the sensible thing for me was to save some money while I'm there , that way i'm there sooner rather than later"
    If she's a keeper, I may be more like" yes I do I'm saving money by doing it until I find I find that special person to share those sort of things with "
    Then after either of these sort of comments I elaborate on how much fun I still have while there and really it's better than I thought, giving examples of things like , mucking around in the spa late at night , or if you have progressed the conversation , telling her how much shed enjoy bring bent over the pool table etc, I try and put remove the " lives at home" mentality with " this could be really fun I want to do this"
    I generally have a good read on her as to how the conversation goes and really tailor it to what she wants to hear

    Not sure if I'm doing it right dude, maybe wait for a full in pro, but this works for me I'm 3-4 birds a week in OZ , all thanks to the guys here too haha

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