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    amino2 Guest

    Default new convo starter

    alright guys, I have this idea for a txt convo starter i wanna throw in the pot and see what you guys think about it. It goes like this " so there we were, its u, ur friend, my friend and I, in the woods and all of a sudden. . ." (may start with we spot a bear or whatever u want) and then in paranthesis you direct the girl to add more to the story and make it fun. What do u guys think? I have tried this a few times already, and one girl's response was "lmao idk what to say it could be so much." I didnt get responses from 2 others, however, this was more of a last ditch effort to reestablish a connection.

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    dinorod Guest

    Default Re: new convo starter

    to be honest it sounds like your really bored, wanna start a convo again with someone. just txt them saying uve seen somethings that reminded you of them. there txt u straight back saying
    really why did that remind u of me...
    sorted convo starter and then go from there..
    tried it with 3 girls in my phone who i dont talk to no more...all of them txt'd i said she looked like someone from a tv program, one was i swear i seen you in such and such and the other was i seen a squirral gathering nuts and it reminded me of you.
    always seems to work lmao! even my m8 who carnt talk to woman got a response and got a convo starting. but a txt game like so i was walking down a street and suddenly a. now u txt back the rest of the story.
    and suddenly a man in his 20s was txting a story txt to a girl because he was either bored or still at school, its not fun 4 some girls only weird ones who have the same level of maturity as the one who sent it...Man up bro!

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