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Thread: How to proceed?

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    Default How to proceed?

    So a few weeks ago i was browsing Craigslist for HB's. And i had just about given up on this after getting tired of bots, scam replies and psycho bitches. I used to meet HB's easily on there but now its getting harder these days to sort out who's real and not. I mean its getting RIDICULOUS. Then i see this post for an older woman looking for an athletic younger man and a picture with a nice pair of tits. Tall busty older brunette-my type to a T. I was 50/50 on weather to write or not. i did write like one sentence with a pic of me looking athletic (which i am). She immediately writes back with. 'hey honey how are you? wanna chat?": and attaches some pics- not nude but very suggestive. So i'm thinking this is BS.

    Anyway she IM me on yahoo. She complains her post got taken down so quickly. I say maybe they think your spam (cam show- like all her pictures are taken with a computer camera). Theres a long pause like a minute and she denies it. Then the chat gets very sexual lots of metaphors about cats and purring etc whatever. Cool-chump boner- but i feel shes gaming me so. So i change the subject and we talk about about other stuff work, relationships, astrology yadda yadda. My game is ok (this is before i read The Game) i give her loads of compliments which she loves- guess she has low self esteeem. Then she sends me pics- not sexual but of her new haircut. So obviouisly shes built some trust in me which is good. We continue to chat about things for about another half hour. She says she already has my number and that i wrote to her before. Which is weird but i guess i did a long time ago. Anyway after a bunch of xoxxo's she says she'll phone or text me the next day.

    She doesnt. I dont want to seem to clingy so i wait a few days and send her a sappy e-card.

    her reply:

    "The e-card was sweet honey...thank you:-)"

    two weeks pass. i send her a youtube link to a youtube video "I miss you" song.

    "Aww honey..thats sweet:-) Are you implying that your missing something?"

    My reply (NOW THIS IS AFTER I READ THE GAME) a few days later:

    "Oops. Sent that to the wrong person. How are you anyway?"

    She replies instantly. (she didnt reply instantly to the cute stuff haha)

    "What??? That's kinda low:-("

    So i reply with another sorta neg.

    "? That was meant for my mom"

    No reply. Now I guess i probably f it all up. How do i proceed? Should i tell her i'm pretty sure she does cam shows but i don't care etc Call her on it. But then i dont know for sure. I could apologise. Sorry i had a crazy week yadda yadda. Hmm. Looking back i see how could have done things different like when i asked her if she was a model. i should have said plus size. Could have made her insecure about her age lol. Plenty more fish in the sea. Just wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions on this.

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    Default Re: How to proceed?

    haha wow older women are always on the line with the whole age thing. she can hook up with older guys but doesnt. she wants a younger guy for a reason. whenever im hitting on a milf or cougar, i always just have fun but im a lot more mature than with younger women and usually a lot more straight forward. and ur also falling into the usual pitfall. you think you can just not reply for a while and think it takes away the image.

    to proceed i would make the interaction fun and playful. try to make her laugh, roleplay and all that. but dude if your going to proceed with online game i suggest you get race de preists two programs
    -push button dating

    both will show you how to have an amazing chat and ultimately give you such great success that you will shit yourself :P
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