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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Negged with text

    Met this real cute chick. She seemed to be into me but I had to run. I texted her when I left saying we should continue this. She actually texted me tonight. I responded with some enthusiastic text about the concert we met at last night. Keep in mind I'm learning here folks so any constructive criticism is welcomed. I noticed last night that she had an awesome kinda cheesy smile and she smiled A LOT. then through text tonight I said...

    Me: by the way you've got a rockin smile :-)
    Her: thank you :-)
    me: hell yea. that must be why you smile so much. haha. jk

    She didn't respond. I'm trying not to read into it too much but anyone have any suggestions like when I should text her again. Should I call? Think that neg was inappropriate?

    Thanks people.
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    kevincompton Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    hey im new at this also but i would say your reply A) didn't merit a response, this isn't bad per say but could explain why she didn't reply.

    But B) its just too dang nice! You sound like a "fan", an admirer. It's not interesting to her. Compliments alone don't translate to attraction. Confidence does, and a fun personality. Don't text her for 2 full days. Then when you do hit her up say something funny and have a creative way of framing an invite to something awesome you will already be doing with a group. Other people on here will better provide the specifics on what text interaction and what is "funny" and "confident" on text.

    Point is you can take comfort that you can be in control, what you did do can be improved upon and there is a reason it's not working that can be fixed!

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    hereforfun Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    hey im pretty new to this too, but ive been going really well with text game lately by doing alot of push/pull and cocky funny stuff. it has to seem natural too, if it looks too put on theyll see right through it.

    and dont get too annoyed about her not replying. your text to her didnt necessarily warrant a reply, if a girl sent that to me i would have no idea what to say in reply.

    send her a msg in a couple of days or so saying something like this:

    'hey fancy pants i was just chilling at home being bored and it made me think of you, not because i had nothing else to think about but it made me think how youve been really boring since the concert :P when are you gonna take me out so i can get a snapshot of that famous smile again?'

    this negs her, lets her know youre interested, will make her say something along the lines of "hey youre the guy you tell me when youre gonna tak me out', and also gives her a compliment.

    im from australia, so maybe the above comment may not apply to the girls where youre from. different girls from different countries react differently. also scope out the type of girl she is, if shes really attractive and confident then neg her a bit more than compliment her. if she's lacking in confidence a bit, and seems a bit shy, be more encouraging and neg on a smaller scale.

    hope this helps

    ps. for more information on push/pull, and other great advice on stuff that works on girls, youtube search 'thesocialengineer'. as i said before, the videos are in australia and the girls might react differently where youre from but ive done this stuff and it works alot

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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    Thanks much guys. I've been reading the b4utxther program. Pretty awesome. I will try something like that and let you know how it goes.

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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    So it's been a day and a half so I figured I'd send her a text. I've been reading the b4utxther program which I can tell is gonna be very useful. I sent a text at about noon today which said "Heya crazyface, what kind of mischief are you causing today?"

    This is the kind of thing it recommends saying on the B4UTXTHER thing. It's been a few hrs and I got no response. Maybe I need to send something a little more personalized? Our conversation didn't really get that deep at any point so I don't know much about her at all. I realize this very well might not go anywhere I just want to learn for the future. Positive person here.

    Should I send her another text tonight if she doesn't get back to me. More engaging. Any suggestions?

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    Race dePriest Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    Try one of the re-engaging texts from b4utxt her You want to engage her ego or get her curious at this point

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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    Thanks Race. Appreciate the response. Aright well I said "Getting a little chilly out tonight..could you come knit me a sweater and make me some hot chocolate. Thanks :-)

    I have a pretty good sense of humor myself but I need to get used to sending silly text like this first and I can work in my own style etc.

    I'll report back if a get a response or not.

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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    Got no response. For some reason I'm not really surprised. It seems like I never really established strong attraction from the get go. Also, I just read the article by Nick Sparks about Canned Material. On ‘Canned Material’ : SPARKS | OF | ATTRACTION

    I think I could have used something a little more personalized when I texted her i.e. something to do with the recording she is supposed to send me etc.

    Probably best if I don't text this chick again or wait a while?

    Any suggestions

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    Default Re: Negged with text

    freeze her out for a little bit and come back to her and try to reframe and you should be fine
    I live in my reality and you’re a guest

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    chlakdsut Guest

    Default Re: Negged with text

    Could you elaborate a little on that. By freeze her out do you mean not send a text for a while and reframe means what?

    Sorry these terms are new to me. Any readings you'd recommend?

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