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    PedroFSGS Guest

    Default guess i fuc*ed it up..

    i started a convo with a girl through facebook and then i finally got her number...
    she gave me her number, and then said that she was afraid of giving it because she usually doesnt give out her number to people she doesnt know.. then she said she would give me the benefit of the doubt...

    and thats when i fucked it up... i said that i understood her point of view, cause the internet is a dangerous place, but that i wasnt like a stalker.. then i said "but the fact is i tried to add you and facebook doesnt let me.. humm, maybe they consider me a sexual predator and i dont even know it? "

    i know i fucked it up, but i tried to be funny... and in fact i wasnt

    so, she didnt reply to me and i know i might have fucked it up, cause i shouldnt be saying that i tried to add her and that maybe im considered a sexual predator and dont even know it...

    she didnt reply to me

    then i decided to send a message to her that it wasnt me who sent the message but a friend (cause i forgot to logout my facebook at his house), because i dont even have the habit of adding people i dont know and that i would think about her case (if i want or not her benefit of the doubt)...

    then she replied asking if it was my friend too that asked all the questions and sent all the previous messages and said and i quote "it is up to you if you want the benefit of the doubt i gave to you or if you dont want it =)"

    is this a good sign? how should i act from now on?

    did i make the right decision?

    need help here

    thanks guys

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    82qBall Guest

    Default Re: guess i fuc*ed it up..

    She's giving you a chance, but I think you got friendzoned, man. When a girl hears something like, "I just did it because I thought..." and such and such, she'll think you're just another AFG.

    Don't tell her what you think and feel, just go for it.

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    Ridikulus Guest

    Default Re: guess i fuc*ed it up..

    I think you better move on, man. Having to use "my friend did it" this early means you've lost control of the game.

    Note, I said "having to use." Means, you got desperate. Desperation is always a turn off.

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    GQjones Guest

    Default Re: guess i fuc*ed it up..

    Basically you shoudn't think to much into it.If a female wants to get to know you she will likewise if she wants to ignore you she will!If shes still talking obviously shes curious about you. Besides it's not life changing either way,so go for it take it as whatever because it's not your fault that she has a dry sense of humore cuz that was funny to me bro

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    Raven Guest

    Default Re: guess i fuc*ed it up..

    I totally agree with GQJ. I used to be afraid that I would say something wrong to a girl and I would ruin it. I used to think I'd have to be perfect. Now I realize girls do things that "mess it up" for them and we guys overlook them because we like them. Most women overlook your mistakes if they like you, indeed very many of them, so we needn't think we must be perfect. We need to be solid. I believe in solid game, not perfect game. I think you were solid here, don't worry about her, you keep on being yourself. Maybe it wasn't the best choice of words, but it's not terrible, she's the odd one. Lastly... never apologize or make up lies. I only apologize if it's something I am genuinely sorry for - not because it hurt my chances with her.

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    ilhan Guest

    Question Re: guess i fuc*ed it up..

    Quote Originally Posted by 82qBall View Post
    Don't tell her what you think and feel, just go for it.
    Doesn't it contradict with rapport building?

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