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    Default Online Profile Help

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Got into the online dating scene awhile back, limited results. Read a lot of different articles and opinions on what to put/how to carry yourself in your profile, even bought and read through Push Button Dating.

    Still, getting limited results, always looking for opinions and comments, so I'll copy/paste what I'm currently using for a profile, any constructive criticism is appreciated:


    Instead of attempting to find a word that lets you know who I am, how about one word that does not describe me....ordinary! Life is no fun walking down the beaten path, come grab a machete with me and lets cut our own path.

    I am a firm believer in being thankful for every day. That said, living life to the fullest is a requirement for me. Every day I look for improvement, go bigger, faster, and leave no regrets in your wake. I have no shame, and if you don't believe me check out the ridiculous photo of me in a mask and boa back from when I lived outside of New Orleans.

    Once I started my own business I learned to become very dependable. If I tell you I am going to do something or be somewhere, it will happen. I get results, haha! My business allows me to travel all across the country and see many incredible places, so you should learn to love how to road trip. I've never traveled overseas....yet!

    My will make me smile with a simple look that speaks volumes. Someone who carries themselves with class and confidence. Someone who's family and friends are a priority in their life, as my family and friends are a priority in mine. I want to hold your hand and feel the chemistry racing between our fingers.

    So you should message me if...
    -you love to laugh (and that includes laughing at yourself, don't take yourself so serious!)
    -you're down to earth
    -you want a good southern gentleman

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    Default Re: Online Profile Help

    In my profile, I took out all the qualifiers such as the obvious:

    -No Fat Chicks
    -No Kids
    -No Smoking Etc.

    If you take this away it shows you to be more confident.

    Also if you have an age limitation, remove it altogether you are just limiting what you have to work with and makes you look even better.

    I am 25 and now frequently get messages from the 26-33 age range. If I don't close at least I am getting information.

    Other than that you have a solid foundation, I hope you have some interesting pics to come with it. Hope this helps.

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