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    Someguy Guest

    Default Don't need the game, need someone who knows it

    Hey everybody, how are you?
    As stated in the title, I don't want to learn the game (at the moment), I just need some advices for a situation I'm currently living where the game would help. Here's the problem :

    I've never really wanted to learn the game since I've never really had problems with girls. I had one serious relationship and after it ended I was able to get laid when I wanted and it's not really the current problem. In March 2010, I was in my last year of High School. I met a girl at a party which I wanted to fark and she seemed intersted in me. I didn't know about the game at the time so I just did what I usually do to get girls. I left the party with her number and the next day she started to text me. We then saw each other at school and I planned to do a move on her the next week-end at another party. It happened, we were just the two of us and skipping on A LOT of details, we started making out. We stopped not going further and I thought it was ok for the night, but then a couple of days later she told me she didn't want to take this further and just stay friend with me (I know the classic friendzone). I told her I didn't need any more friends because I already had enough. It created a cold and we stopped talking to each other for a couple of weeks, I didn't really care.

    Then she started to come back to me and talk to me a little bit, but school ended. I didn't mind and didn't really talk to her a lot. Then I went on a trip and during this trip she started to talk to me a lot and she was posting everyday on my facebook : When are you coming back, I miss you (l) . I didn't know about the game at that time, but I knew about ioi (well not the name, but it's a basic principle of attraction). When I came back she wanted a lot to see me and she started to call me with names and she was always initiating conversation on msn or text messages. Then another cold came. I just didn't (and still don't) know how to deal with this situation. I badly want to fark her, but I don't know how to make my move because of the rejection I've dealt with in March 2010.

    Then like 3 weeks ago, she agains started to talk to me a lot, but this time she started radically telling me : I'm needy. I know this girl only had sex with one guy (she's 17 and so am I) which is her ex and she's still sleeping with him from time to time. I thought this was some kind of IOI to tell me that she wants sex personnaly. I told her some funny shit and used some neg (without knowing the name at the time) telling her I'd have sex with her if she'd paid me and stuff like that (It's not a line I've learned I just say this for fun). I also saw her like 2 times with people, and she initiate a lot of Kino like hugs, touching me when I say something funny or whatever. But damn, with all this, I don't know what to do.

    I'd like some help to deal with this whole situation.
    By the way, I may think a lot about this girl, but I'm not a sexless friend, I mean, during the summer I had sex with different girl than her, it's just that I want THIS ONE and don't know if I still have chances.
    Thanks mates!

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    Someguy Guest

    Default Re: Don't need the game, need someone who knows it

    Maybe I should add that she's calling me her boyfriend, or fuck buddy as a joke (but is it an ioi)? She initiated a lot of conversation last week, I've seen her friday with some friends and she was initiating a lot of Kino. We haven't talked a lot since then, she talked to me sunday and today I talked to her a little bit today, teasing her about the fact that she's in need. Just tell me if those are good signs or not. A friend of mine, who's a natural, told me it was good signs and if played well, I could easily fuck her.

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